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GUFF and TAFF seeking nominees

The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund is seeking nominees for its 2014 trip, which will take one North American fan to Loncon 3, next year’s Worldcon. Nomination requirements are here. Nominations should be made by December 31st. The Get Up and Over Fan Fund is also seeking nominees for 2014, which will also be to Loncon 3, […]


TAFF election: dueling fanwriters

The 2013 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund election has opened. This year’s winning candidate will travel from Europe to North America for the World Science Fiction Convention. The candidates are Theresa Derwin and Jim Mowatt, both of whom have not only provided the required platform statement, but are also publishing newsletters throughout the campaign. Anyone may vote, […]


DUFF will hold over funds

This year’s Down Under Fan Fund voters have chosen to hold over funds until next year, meaning no one will be sent from North America to Australia or New Zealand this year. As we reported previously, the time available for campaigning this year was so short that many people felt the race should not have […]


Compressed DUFF race opens

This year’s Down Under Fan Fund is sending a fan from North America to New Zealand and Australia. With the host countries’ national conventions being June 1-4 and June 8-11 respectively, this means the voting period is only 2 weeks long, and concern has led to this unusual statment on the ballot: The 2012 nominating […]


TAFF winner announced

While the official site has not yet been updated with vote totals (not surprisingly as it’s the middle of the night where the webmaster is), the winner of the current Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund election has been revealed: Jacqueline Monahan! Congratulations to Ms. Monahan, who will be representing North America at next year’s UK national sf […]


GUFF 2012 ballot available

The 2012 ballot for GUFF, the fan fund which exchanges fans between Australia/NZ and Europe, is now available here (PDF). Like TAFF, next year’s GUFF will be helping send a fan to Olympus 2012 in London. The candidates and their statements are: Grant Watson: “Has Grant Watson: A.) celebrated his 35th birthday; B.) spent 21 […]


2012 TAFF ballot available

The 2012 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund will be sending a fan from North America to next year’s Eastercon in London. The ballot is now available in various formats at the TAFF Web site. The candidates and platforms are as follows: Warren Buff: “I came to fandom from an odd angle, but since I got here, I’ve […]


TAFF seeks 2012 candidates

The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund is looking for candidates for its 2012 trip, which will send a fan from North America to Olympus 2012, next year’s UK national science fiction convention. Candidates must provide a $20 deposit, a statement of not more than 101 words, and endorsements from five known fans, three in North America and […]

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