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Corflu 31 site now up

Corflu, the travelling fanzine convention, will be held in Richmond, VA next year on May 2-4. The official site now has the basic details in Progress Report #0 (PDF), which hints at the return of the full live stream of all programming next year.


Lucy Huntzinger selected as Corflu GoH

Corflu isn’t able to bring you its customary online stream this year, so here is the result of its Guest of Honor selection, which was performed in the traditional manner of pulling a random name from a hat: Lucy Huntzinger, the last remaining member of the trio who originally dreamed Corflu up. It’s an especially […]


Eurocon and Corflu Web updates

Shamrokon, the 2014 Eurocon, now has an official Web site. Corflu’s Web presence has been updated for next year’s convention in Portland. See the flyer for information on where to send membership payments.


Corflu notes

News from this past weekend’s Corflu: Claire Brialey, co-editor of Hugo winner and multiple nominee Banana Wings, was the Guest of Honor. (Corflu selects its GoH randomly at the convention.) Earl Kemp was elected Past President of the Fanzine Writers of America. Corflu XXX, to be pronounced “Corflu Triple-X”, will be held in Portland, OR […]


Corflu Glitter broadcasts this weekend

Once again, Corflu will be broadcasting as much of itself as possible online. There will be two channels, one covering programming and one from the con suite. The programming channel will probably start broadcasting with the opening ceremonies at 7pm 5:30pm Friday. A partial progrmaming schedule is here, and an overview of all the special […]


Corflu open to all online

Corflu will once again be airing its entire program live on Ustream. Details are here, with an outline of the program here. Yours truly plans to be hanging out there much of the weekend under the name of my not terribly good zine, Picofarad. Come by and say hi!


Corflu 28 up and running

Corflu’s Web site is now ready for next year, with the dates and site officially confirmed as February 10-13 in Sunnyvale, CA. After some public musings about naming next year’s con “28 Zines Later”, the con chair has settled on the much more obscure and local reference of “E CorFlu Vitus”. As all knowledge really […]


Eastercon online coverage

Eastercon this coming weekend will be hosting the announcement of this year’s Hugo nominees at 22:00 British Summer Time (5 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight) on Sunday. The announcements will also go out on the Aussiecon 4 Twitter feed. is also planning to have a live online broadcast of the nominee announcement, and other […]


Potlatch and Corflu both go to Sunnyvale

While neither site has been updated yet, reports from various directions say that both Potlatch and Corflu will have their 2011 conventions at the Domain Hotel in Sunnyvale, CA. Potlatch will be March 4-6; Corflu is reported as “early February”. With next year’s Westercon in San Jose, World Fantasy Convention in San Diego, and Worldcon […]


Corflu goes online again this weekend

Once again, this year’s Corflu will be operating a “Virtual Con Suite” with a chat room and streaming video of the program. Instructions here, including a schedule with local times for selected zones around the world. For fuller descriptions of the scheduled items, see the program guide (PDF, all times GMT).


Conventions this weekend 3/19-3/21, 2010

Lots of great stuff this weekend, even a con in Alaska. Anyone heading out to any of these? March 19th-21st,2010 Kamikaze Houston, TX Vericon Cambridge, MA Momocon Atlanta, GA Senshicon Anchorage, AK Toronto Anime Toronto, ON Fantascicon Chattanooga, TN Keokon Keokuk, IA Lunacon Rye Brook, NY IAFA Orlando, FL Va Fest Book Charlottesville, VA Babelcon […]


livestream from Corflu

Right now this is just pictures but I assume sometime tommorow it will be video again. A neat idea towards the virtual con for those who can’t attend.


Cons This Weekend 4/25-4/27, 2008

We’re going to be going to Windy City on Friday to check out day one of the WCPAPE. Where are you going this weekend? Windy City Pulp And Paper Chicago, IL (PULP/Comics) Pittsburgh Comiccon Pittsburgh, PA (Comics) Calgary Expo Calgary, ON (Comics) Armageddon Christchurch, NZ (Media) Stumptown Portland, OR (Comics) Cape Comiccon Cape Gireadue, MO […]

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