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Cosplayers in trouble.

These cosplayers who dressed as the Marriot’s carpet at Dragoncon this year have recieved a cease and desist letter from the carpet maker. Boing Boing has the entire story. Frankly I didn’t even see them at the con, but of course I wasn’t looking for cosplay on the floor.


Kramer saga not quite over

While the surprise announcment of Dragon*Con’s reorganization has been greeted with joy by many people, one person who is not ready to let it go is… Ed Kramer. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: McNeill Stokes, who has represented Kramer in lawsuits against DragonCon/ACE, called the merger a “discriminatory squeeze-out” and said the cash offered for […]


Dragoncon Guests announcements for May

From the official website Announced: 05/24/2013 Lou Ferrigno A world-renowned bodybuilder and actor, Lou Ferrigno has played many roles calling for someone really big, but none as famous asThe Incredible Hulk. Brian Green Brian ‘Psychochild’ Green is an experienced MMORPG developer. In his more than 15 years of professional experience, he has done game programming, […]


Anderson, Laurie, so many more added to Dragoncon

Announced: 04/16/2013Will Aymerich Will Aymerich is a Latin American paranormal investigator, public speaker, traveler, radio/podcast host of The Darkside…, published author Souls of Norcross, filmmaker, photographer and founder of The Darkside Syndicate, a popular paranormal investigation team out of Atlanta, GA. Allan Gilbreath Allan Gilbreath is a nationally recognized and award-winning author, publisher, speaker, and actor. […]


Kramer files for reinstated bond, Pat Henry speaks out

The Ed Kramer saga continues to grind slowly onward, with the Gwinnett Daily Post reporting that Kramer wants the bond which he so spectacularly violated by going to Connecticut, where he was last arrested, be reinstated. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an article on the calls for a Dragon*Con boycott which includes what may be […]


Adrian Paul, more added to Dragoncon

All from the Dragoncon website Announced: 03/20/2013 Cinda Williams Chima Cinda Williams Chima has written two best-selling YA fantasy series: The Heir Chronicles (The Warrior Heir, The Wizard Heir, The Dragon Heir, The Enchanter Heir) with another forthcoming; and the Seven Realms series (The Demon King, The Exiled Queen, The Gray Wolf Throne, The Crimson […]


Massive Dragoncon guests additions.

Recent Dragoncon guest additions all taken from their website. Announced: 03/04/2013Calabrese Spooky horror rock that’s guaranteed to haunt your speakers!Elizabeth Donald Elizabeth Donald is a writer fond of things that go chomp in the night. Three-time winner of the Darrell Award, she has penned many short stories, novels and novellas of horror, science fiction and […]


Dragoncon guests added recently

Taken from the Dragoncon guest page GUESTS, PROFESSIONALS, AND PERFORMERS BY ANNOUNCEMENT DATE Announced: 02/14/2013 Trina Ray Trina Ray is an astronomer with the Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn operated out of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In her current position she coordinates all the Titan science opportunities for the Cassini Mission. She is an active public […]


New Dragon*Con statement on Ed Kramer

Dragon*Con has posted a new statement regarding Ed Kramer here. Regarding the recent discussions around fandom, it says: The current flood of “information” about this litigation appears to have been taken from the multiple lawsuits against Dragon*Con filed by Edward Kramer and his lawyers (i.e., Edward Kramer’s arguments and allegations, not documented facts). To our […]


Kramer at Dragon*Con in 2008, but not a guest

Following up on the claim that Ed Kramer attended Dragon*Con as a guest in 2008, after he was released from house arrest: The photo of him at the con does appear to be from 2008, after comparison with that year’s badge art, as seen here. However, well-known conrunner Warren Buff (chair of the 2011 NASFiC, […]


Dragon*Con boycott gains (a little) steam; Kramer a guest in 2008?

Author Nancy Collins has renewed her call for a boycott of Dragon*Con due to Ed Kramer still receiving substantial dividend payments from it. As this Atlanta Magazine article explains in great detail, Kramer was first charged with multiple counts of child molestation in 2000, but was never brought to trial due to allegedly crippling, incurable […]


Kramer extradited to Georgia

The saga of Ed Kramer, co-founder and biggest shareholder of Dragon*Con, may be approaching its final chapter. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Kramer, having been arrested in Connecticut for violating the terms of his release on bond, has been extradited to Georgia for his long-delayed trial on child molestation charges. He is being held without […]


Dragoncon news.

Some news coming out of the Daily Dragon Twitter feed for Dragonon 2013. The ever popular parade will be juried, so get your applications in, The Scifi fantasty, wheel of time, Pern tracks are merging into the Fantasy lit tracks, The Walk of Fame moving to the Marriot. And the dealers room is moving to […]


A dragoncon music parody.

For those who wish they were at the con all year long.


2014 Worldcon is Loncon 3

In the absence of any last-minute shenanigans, the London in 2014 bid has been seated as Loncon 3, to be held August 14-18. The guests of honor will be writers Iain (M.) Banks and Robin Hobb; artist Chris Foss; comics writer/artist Bryan Talbot; editor Malcolm Edwards; critic John Clute; and fan Jeanne Gomoll. Much more […]


Ed Kramer and the rise of Dragon*Con

Atlanta Magazine today has a long profile of Dragon*Con founder Ed Kramer, focusing on the long battle to bring him to trial for child molestation. Most important to highlight is this reminder that sometimes the reflexive tendency of fandom to defend itself leads to no good. Kramer’s arrest caused a stir among gamers and conventioneers. […]


Worldcon/Dragon*Con joint programming

It’s a dilemma for many congoers when Worldcon and Dragon*Con are on the same weekend. But this year, whichever you go to, you can sample some of the other: As Chicon puts it: We’re delighted to announce a unique digital link-up between Chicon 7 and Dragon*con. For the first time, Worldcon and Dragoncon will run […]


Kramer appeals dismissal of Dragon*Con lawsuit

Ed Kramer is appealing the summary judgement which dismissed his lawsuit against DCI, Inc. this past May, says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. DCI, Inc. is the company which runs Dragon*Con. (While most fan-run conventions are backed by nonprofit organizations, D*C isn’t completely unique in having a for-profit entity behind it.) Kramer has not been directly involved […]

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