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Hugo announcement at Norwescon, Eastercon, Marcon, Minicon

The Hugo Award nominees will be announced in a joint ceremony on Saturday, March 30th, at 3pm Central Time (8pm UTC). The announcement will take place at these conventions: Norwescon, Seatac, WA (1pm local) Minicon, Bloomington, MN (3pm local) Marcon, Columbus, OH (4pm local) Eastercon, Bradford, UK (8pm local) It appears there will be no […]


EightSquaredCon statement on gender parity

EightSquaredCon, next year’s Eastercon, has posted a long and thoughtful statement titled “Why we are committing to Gender Parity on Panels”. It sets out the specifics of their policy: We will therefore, as a default, look for two good female and two good male panel members, and will keep track of moderators to ensure that […]


Eastercon tidbits: BSFA apology, future conventions, and gender parity

The British Science Fiction Association has apologized wholeheartedly for offense caused by the monologue which preceded the BSFA Awards (still viewable here). EightSquaredCon has been seated as the 2013 Eastercon, March 29th-April 1st in Bradford. Satellite 4 has been seated as the 2014 Eastercon, April 18th-21st in Glasgow. James Bacon tells File 770 that EightSquaredCon […]


Hugo nomination streams

And over here, at the Hugo Awards site, is the list of channels where you can see the Hugo nomination announcements on Saturday this weekend. In addition, Friday is the day that the Philip K. Dick Awards will be broadcast from Norwescon.


Eastercon streaming this weekend

Those of us unable to make it to a con in person this weekend can still get a bit of a convention fix, it appears, courtesy of this channel on Ustream. Eastercon will be streaming all programming from its largest function room, including the British Science Fiction Association Awards, and readings from GoHs George R. […]


Hugo nominee announcement set

The Hugo and Campbell nominees will be announced on Saturday, April 7th at 3pm CDT (8pm GMT). Announcement ceremonies will be held simultaneously at the following conventions: Norwescon 35 (1pm local time) Leprecon 38 (1pm local time) Minicon 47 (3pm local time) Marcon 47 (4pm local time) Olympus 2012/Eastercon (9pm local time) There are plans […]


2012 TAFF ballot available

The 2012 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund will be sending a fan from North America to next year’s Eastercon in London. The ballot is now available in various formats at the TAFF Web site. The candidates and platforms are as follows: Warren Buff: “I came to fandom from an odd angle, but since I got here, I’ve […]


2013 Eastercon bid spotted

As there were no bids to run the 2013 Eastercon, which should have been voted on this year, site selection for 2013 was pushed back to 2012. Now a bid has duly arisen: Eight Squared Con, aiming for Bradford on the traditional Easter weekend. [Hat tip: Ansible]


Hugos at Eastercon, Norwescon, and online

The Hugo Awards are the oldest in science fiction, and are presented each year at the World Science Fiction Convention. This year’s Worldcon, Renovation, will be announcing this year’s nominees worldwide at 2pm PDT (9pm UTC) on Sunday, April 24th as follows: At Norwescon: in Maxi’s Ballroom (14th floor) At Eastercon: Queens Hall, 10pm local […]


How fan funds began

TAFF, the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund, is the oldest of the various exchange programs which send fans from continent to continent to experience foreign conventions. An ongoing effort to digitize old UK fanzines has turned up this article from 1953 describing the founding of TAFF. Coroncon, where the meeting described took place, was the 1953 Eastercon […]


Eastercon online coverage

Eastercon this coming weekend will be hosting the announcement of this year’s Hugo nominees at 22:00 British Summer Time (5 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight) on Sunday. The announcements will also go out on the Aussiecon 4 Twitter feed. is also planning to have a live online broadcast of the nominee announcement, and other […]

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