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Heroes adds McGuiness,

We reported on the other guests earlier this week, the following bit comes from the Heroes email. “THURSDAY’S GUEST LIST UPDATE!Ed McGuinness is leading the charge on today’s guest list update! Ed’s Capcom-influenced art style has helped blur the lines between Eastern and Western interpretations of Marvel and DC’s iconic superheroes. With great runs on […]


Heroes gets more guests.

Press: HeroesCon is very happy to announce that Neal Adams will be attending HeroesCon 2011! Neal is a living legend known for bringing a realism to superhero comics that didn’t exist before his arrival. Illustrating classic comics like Green Lantern #76 (pictured), Strange Adventures (creating the definitive look for Deadman), and many more, Neal went […]


Heroescon 2011 dates.

This means I have to decide whether to have a table at Heroescon or Concarolinas. Tough decision for sure. Heroescon


Heroescon/Con Carolinas Photos

We had a blast at both Heroescon and ConCarolinas this weekend. I’m hoping they dont fall on the same weekend next year as we plan on having a table at Heroes then. Anyway, here’s some shots from the fun, with Heroes first on Friday followed by Concarolinas. Great job to both organizers. Both great conventions!



Heroescon was a blast, saw many amazing artists both big and small. We’ve already decided to have a table next year. Got lots of zines and comics and an awesome unexpected print of Wolverine Fidel Castro that you’ll have to see to believe. At ConCarolinas now and getting ready to go to some parties in […]



We are heading out in the morning to Heroescon, where I hope to do some shopping and buy some lovely artwork. Once were done there we are going to ConCarolinas/Deepsouthcon. If the hotel has good internet you can expect daily updates. Worse case scenario there is always my Twitter which I’m sure will have me […]


Conventions this weekend 6/4-6/6, 2010

Another big weekend in Convention land this weekend as we are going to Heroescon on Friday followed by Concarolinas for the rest of the weekend. What are you attending this weekend? June 4th-6th, 2010 ConCarolinas/Deepsouthcon Charlotte, NC Heroescon Charlotte, NC HamaconHuntsville, AL Toronto Comiccon Toronto, ON Con Bravo Oakville, ON A-kon Dallas, TX Califur Irvine, […]


Upcoming stops.

We will be going to Adventurecon on May 28th for some comic shopping followed by Friday June 4th at Heroescon ending the night and spending the entire weekend at ConCarolinas/Deepsouthcon. It’s gonna be fun, hope to see some of our readers there!


Hero Initiative Tour dates.

Over on their Blog the Hero Initiative has announced their tour dates listed below for this years conventions. I plan on supporting them at Heroescon in Charlotte this year. March 12-14: Orlando MegaCon: look for George Pérez, Joe Benitez, and an 11-man “100 Wolverines” signing! March 13-14: Emerald City Con, Seattle. Super-cool Hero Members party! […]


Conventions this Weekend 6/20-6-23, 2008

Looks like a full weekend ahead. Some competing conventions in PA and NJ. i always hate to see that. especially in the case of PA as they are both Horror Cons. Would it have hurt to not schedule these conventions the same weekend? We also see the return of 4th St. Fantasy to the Midwest […]


Heroes adds two.

TEAM BEHIND “DEATH OF CAPTAIN AMERICA” TO APPEAR AT HEROESCON Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting Join Guest List of the Charlotte, NC show. Wonder if they will be called the team that brought Captain America back to life by then?



New Section To Be Headed By “Kids Love Comics” Creators This week Heroes Convention 2008, long known for its family-friendly environment, announced the creation of a special section of the convention dedicated to all-ages comics and creators! Headed by the respected Kids Love Comics group of creators, the section is tentatively being called “The Kids […]


Press Release from Heroes Con.

Got this press release from Heroes Con. I went years ago. its a great comic show. “Continuing the march toward what will be its biggest event ever, today Heroes Convention added six new names to its 2008 Guest List, including fan-favorites Michael Lark, Erik Larsen, and Ryan Ottley. With nearly three full months left before […]


Cons this Weekend 3/14-3/16, 2008

I am having some Html troubles with the site today. Hopefully everything is fixed but if you notice something please let me know. On with the CONVENTIONS! Ambercon Detroit, MI (RPG) Anime Oasis Boise, ID (Anime) Deepcon ITALY (SF) Chimaeracon San Antonio, TX (Gaming) Johncon Baltimore, MD (Gaming) Lunacon Rye Brook, NY (SF) Millennicon Cinncinatti, […]


Heroes Con SHow floor video.

Video of Heroes Con 07 by Wetterink. Enjoy.


Newsarama covering Heroes and Wizard World.

Newsarama is covering both Heroes Con and Wizard World this weekend, here’s some tidbits from day one. Marvel Panel: Marvel Comics Presents is back in September 2007, Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin by Joe Casey and Eric Canete, coming in September, lots of other “will be revealed in San Diego stuff. DC: Mark Waid returns […]


Cons This Weekend 6/15-6/17

Persacon Huntsville, AL (Anime Con) Heroes Convention Charlotte, NC (NC’s biggest Comic-Con) Hypericon 3 Nashville, TN (Speculative Fiction) Colossal Con Cleveland, OH (Anime Con) Anime Mid Atlantic 7 Richmond, VA (Anime Con) Wizard World Philly Philadelphia, PA (Comic Con) Strange, No west coast conventions this week, and three Anime Cons as well. And pardon me […]

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