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Comic Con Live Streams

DIDNT GO TO Comic Con? Still want a piece of the action. Here’s five very full schedules of livestreams for those of us at home. MTV has live streams and exclusive interviews all four days here. Ign has a live stream direct on their front page of course with a little more of a videogame […]


1 twitter we are following for San Diego fun

The big one starts tomorrow. San Diego Comic Con. I’ll be posting the news highlights as I can from the east coast, but one of our contributors Shawn Marshall is already on the ground at the show. Embedding his twitter feed below where he will post pictures and videos to his youtube channel. Stuck at […]


Comic Con schedules are posted.

San Diego Comic Con Schedules are out. You can view them either on the Comic-con site or on the Schedule site if you prefer. Anything your looking forward to seeing?


2014 Worldcon is Loncon 3

In the absence of any last-minute shenanigans, the London in 2014 bid has been seated as Loncon 3, to be held August 14-18. The guests of honor will be writers Iain (M.) Banks and Robin Hobb; artist Chris Foss; comics writer/artist Bryan Talbot; editor Malcolm Edwards; critic John Clute; and fan Jeanne Gomoll. Much more […]


10 Ways to Keep SDCC 2012 Alive Until SDCC 2013

Whether you had the opportunity to attend last week’s San Diego Comic-Con or not, we all lament the end of the event. While some of us battled in lines to get near our favorite creators, others watched closely from the comfort of their own homes via sources like G4, Spike, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Wherever you […]


Doc on Silvestri

Sequart Research & Literacy Organization and Respect! Films are proud to announce that the SDCC panel for their Comics in Focus: The Image Revolution documentary will feature special guest panelist Marc Silvestri!   If you’re a fan of Image Comics and are going to be at the San Diego Comic Con on Thursday evening (July 12th), you won’t […]


San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) Tips: Take-to-the-Con Version

With only a few days left before San Diego Comic-Con, I want to provide one last copy of my compiled #SDCCTips from Twitter so that con-goers who are preparing to fly out can print this and take it along with them if they wished. I’ll be continuing to tweet tips using #SDCCTips on Twitter throughout […]


The Six Things You Need to Do Today to Prepare for San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC)

With the countdown approaching single digits of days until the Super Bowl of Cons, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all that surrounds these coming days. It seems there are new announcements made everyday from now until Preview Night. EXCLUSIVES! PANELS! PARTIES! If you’re following all of this, it’ll begin to make you glaze […]


San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) Tips: Version 3.0

20 days until SDCC! Are you packed? Well, I’m back with another group of #SDCCTips from my Twitter account (@The_Con_Fluence). Remember to bookmark this page and follow on Twitter so that you are in the loop throughout SDCC.


San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) Tips: Round 2

I’m back with a few more of my SDCC tips from my Twitter account. Remember, you can follow me on Twitter at @The_Con_Fluence for up to the minute con updates and tips throughout SDCC.


San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) Tips: Round One

As we get closer to SDCC, I will be compiling my most simple and straightforward SDCC tips from Twitter. If you are following on Twitter, you can follow me (@The_Con_Fluence) and get those up to the minute pieces of info. If you don’t want to follow, you can also just search “#SDCCTips” on Twitter.


SDCC Signings and Exclusives from Retro Outlaw Studios

In addition to being able to count on Retro Outlaw Studios for the best in pop culture mash-ups, another consistent is their awesome contributions to the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) exclusive scene. If you’ve followed SDCC the last few years, you probably remember their Clockwork Orange exclusive busts and statues which were consistently featured on […]


Prepping Your Twitter Account for SDCC

With a little over a month to go, now is when some of the most important planning for San Diego Comic-Con takes place. Just like the start of a sport’s season, the month leading up to the opening is crucial for a successful season. So, having attended SDCC for the last seven years, I’ve revisited […]


Joss Whedon Panel at SDCC

TFAW has the entire Joss Whedon Dark Horse Panel up.


Thank you Warner Bros!

7 more videos from Warner Bros for our readers from SDCC! Batman Thundercats Green Lanter Animated True Blood Conan Obrien Flaming C Children’s Hospital Kevin Smith


Cosplay Daily: Children’s Hospital

Really? Children’s Hospital Cosplay at SDCC? Scary. Send us your best cosplay pictures. One new pic each day! Picture Credit Twitter User JensenClan 88


Warner Bros Shares its preview night with us at home.

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