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War Machine!

Awesome War Machine at Starfest this past weekend.


Conventions this Weekend April 16th-18th, 2010

Oddcon is a nice and friendly convention. C2E2 finally arrives, Wizard hits Cali, and Denver has two competing cons. Woooh. Anyone going out to these? April 16th-18th, 2010 Oddcon, Madison, WI C2E2 Chicago, IL Anaheim Comic Con Anaheim, CA Kawaii Kon Honolulu, HI T-mode Alexandria, VA Sci-fi on the Rock St. Johns, NF Shinbokucon Elyria, […]


StarFest report.

Trekmovie has a report on Star Fest this past weekend. Mostly Features Quinto, Nichols and Visitor.


Cons This Weekend 4/18-4/20, 2008

New York Comic Con NYC, NY (Comics) Nobrandcon Eau Claire, WI (Anime) Conglomeration Louisville, KY (SF) Eeriecon 10 Niagra Falls, NY (SF/Horror) Fedcon Bonn, Germany (Sf) OLNFC Warwickshire, England (Leanord Nimoy) Penguincon Troy, MI (Sf/OpenSource) Starfest Denver, CO (Media) Armageddon Pulp Expo New Zealand (Media) Econocon Plymouth, NH (gaming) Kawaii-kon Hawaii (Anime)

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