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Helsinki bids for 2017 Worldcon

Having lost the 2015 Worldcon race, the Helsinki bid committee is trying again for 2017. The bid will be for an as yet undetermined weekend in August, at the same facility as the 2015 bid. This puts Helsinki up against Japan, Montréal, and a possible Northeast Corridor bid, leaving Kansas City unopposed in the 2016 […]


Co-chair of 2015 Worldcon dies

Bobbie DuFault, who was to have been co-chair of Sasquan, the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention, has died. An announcement on the Sasquan Facebook page states: Bobbie DuFault passed away earlier today. We don’t know WHAT happened yet, just that she died peacefully in her sleep. The family asks for time and space to process […]


Final Worldcon vote totals and analysis

Fuller details of the Worldcon site selection voting are available now thanks to this post from Kevin Standlee. As you see, Helsinki had the initial lead, but Orlando’s voters (at least those who had a further preference) split more than 2:1 in favor of Spokane, pushing it into the majority.


Spokane gets 2015 Worldcon

The 2015 World Science Fiction Convention will be Sasquan in Spokane, Washington, August 19-23. Exact vote counts are not yet available, but unofficial reports are that it played out as predicted here. Guests of Honor are: authors David Gerrold and Vonda McIntyre; artist Brad Foster; musician Tom Smith; and fan writer and conrunner Leslie Turek. […]


Worldcon election-night projections

The polls have just closed for Worldcon site selection, which for the first time in years features a three-way race. The results will be officially announced at tomorrow morning’s WSFS Business Meeting. In the spirit of modern elections, let’s fill that gap with some speculation! There are no organized polls of Worldcon votes to rely […]


Dublin announces Worldcon 2019 bid

A bid has been announced for Dublin to host the 2019 World Science Fiction Convention. Dates have not been mentioned, but it would probably be held across Ireland’s August bank holiday, which would make it August 1-5. The bid will begin active campaigning next summer, when Dublin hosts the European Science Fiction Convention. One unusual […]


Worldcon news: Vikings and Site Selection

Anyone joining this year’s Worldcon, even at the supporting level, may vote on the location of the 2015 Worldcon and the 2014 NASFiC. To help out voters, LoneStarCon 3 has asked all the site bidders to answer a standard questionnaire and posted the responses online: 2015 Worldcon: Helsinki – Orlando – Spokane 2014 NASFiC: Detroit […]


PR: Worldcon adds teaching workshop

LoneStarCon 3, the 71st World Science Fiction Convention (“Worldcon”), is delighted to announce “Teaching Science Fiction,” a workshop for teachers, librarians, and parents on how to use science fiction as a teaching tool. The workshop is a collaborative effort with LoneStarCon 3, and is organized and presented by AboutSF, an organization based at the University […]


Hugo voter packet goes live

Worldcon’s Hugo voter packet is now available for download here, to current members and those who join at any level before the Hugo voting deadline of July 31. This year’s packet contains every individual nominated work and submissions from every nominee in the broader categories, except for the works nominated in the Dramatic Presentation categories. […]


Worldcon and NASFiC site selection open

Voting has started to choose the sites of the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention and the 2014 North American Science Fiction Convention. Ballots and instructions are here. Both require you to be a member (either attending or supporting) of this year’s Worldcon, and both involve an additional fee, which buys you a membership in whichever […]


PR: Worldcon adds Charlaine Harris, George R. R. Martin, and many others

LoneStarCon 3, the 71st World Science Fiction Convention (“Worldcon”), has today confirmed over 90 additional program participants, taking the number announced so far to more than 170 in total. The latest additions include authors and editors from all areas of the science fiction field. Newly-confirmed authors include Catherine Asaro, David Brin, Steven Brust, Charlaine Harris, […]


Iain Banks not to be at 2014 Worldcon

Iain (M.) Banks, one of the Guests of Honor for Loncon 3, the 2014 Worldcon, has been diagnosed with inoperable late-stage cancer. He has probably less than a year to live and is cancelling all his planned appearances in order to spend as much time as possible with family. Banks’s statment can be read here […]


Hugo announcement at Norwescon, Eastercon, Marcon, Minicon

The Hugo Award nominees will be announced in a joint ceremony on Saturday, March 30th, at 3pm Central Time (8pm UTC). The announcement will take place at these conventions: Norwescon, Seatac, WA (1pm local) Minicon, Bloomington, MN (3pm local) Marcon, Columbus, OH (4pm local) Eastercon, Bradford, UK (8pm local) It appears there will be no […]


It’s Hugo voting reminder time!

If you are a member of the 2012, 2013, or 2014 Worldcon, remember to submit your Hugo Awards nominating ballot by 11:59 pm Eastern Time (3:59 am Monday UTC). Also be aware that the US switched to Daylight Savings Time today, so the deadline is an hour earlier than you think!


PR: Worldcon announces initial program participants

LoneStarCon 3, the 71st World Science Fiction Convention (“Worldcon”), has today released its first confirmed list of program participants. The addition of this diverse group of over 80 writers, artists, editors, scientists, critics, and fans to our programming is just the beginning. With over 500 hours of programming planned, LoneStarCon 3 expects well over 400 […]


5 Cons documentary funded

The previously announced 5 Cons documentary has just hit its minimum funding goal, meaning it will be filming at Worldcon, Westercon, World Fantasy, ConQuesT, and Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition. Nova Albion is first up, and in the meantime, the Indiegogo campaign has 31 days to meet its stretch goals.


Convention documentary seeks crowd funding

5 Cons is a planned documentary series on convention culture spanning 5 conventions across the US and UK. It’s looking for $3500 in funding via Indiegogo, of which it has already raised $1200. The 5 conventions to be included are: LoneStarCon 3, the 2013 World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio 2013 World Fantasy Convention […]


TAFF election: dueling fanwriters

The 2013 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund election has opened. This year’s winning candidate will travel from Europe to North America for the World Science Fiction Convention. The candidates are Theresa Derwin and Jim Mowatt, both of whom have not only provided the required platform statement, but are also publishing newsletters throughout the campaign. Anyone may vote, […]

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