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Cons This Weekend 8/3-8/5

Archon 31/NASFIC St. Louis, MO (Scifi/fantasy) Prophecy Toronto, CANADA (Harry Potter) Costume College Van Nuys, CA (Costuming) Diversicon Minneapolis, MN (Scifi) Fandemonium Nampa, ID (Media) Lazy DragonMckinney, TX (Relaxacon) MEcon Belfast, NO. Ireland (SF/Fantasy) Mythcon Berkley, CA (Myths) Trinoc-con Raleigh, NC (SF/Fantasy) Babelcon Baton Rouge, LA (SATURDAY ONLY, media) Anime Festival Orlando Orlando, FL (Anime) […]


yet another good place for comic-con photos.

check this thread on Brian Bendis’s forum for soooo many pictures. HERE YOU GO


more comic con photos.

from this flickr site. enjoy comic con photos


Xbox 360 owners get comic-con for free!

Xbox 360 owners (including yours truly) are getting a real treat this weekend from xbox live and Warner Bros. Tons of free coverage of panels, new movie trailers, including Get Smart, and some really neat stuff for pay like a Superman and Batman theme. Im thousands of miles away from Comic-con, but this gets me […]


Nimoy and Quinto

From the Star Trek Panel


more links for comic-con

IGN’s Coverage page OC weekly photos Joker money found on floor. Cinema blends photos Neswarama’s blogging from the floor


Movie news at SDCC

First showing is doing a good job of reporting the movie panels at SDCC live. check them out Here


some of the games at comic-con

1up has a nice day one report about some of the video games at Comic-con. And a giant action figure. cool.


Photos from Wed Comic Con

Infuze Mag Photo’s of the 1st day of comic-con. more coming tonight!


San Diego, What are you looking forward to?

Of all the cons, nothing fuels the geek fires like San Diego Comic Con. No matter what your vibe their will be something announced here that sets you off, be it a movie, a new comic, a new video game, and even brand new got to find on ebay toys. So what are you looking […]


Cons This Weekend 7/27-7/29

Comic-Con International San Diego, CA (Comics/Media) Fragapalooza Edmonton, CANADA (Gaming) Historicon Lancaster, PA (Historical Minis) Confluence Pittsburgh, PA (literary Sci-fi) Conversation Novi, MI (Relaxacon) Con-XtremeSan Jose, Ca (Media) Libertycon Chattanooga, TN (SCIFI) OGC Nashua, NH (Gaming) Steel City CON Pittsburgh, PA (Popculture) Ai-Kon Winnepeg, ON (Anime) With Comic-con starting tommorow, figured Id get a early […]


link plays for otakon


Comic-con floor map.

Check out this really awesome show floor map of the main room at Comic-con. Just highlight a table and it tells you whos where. Man I may have to break down and use vacation to go next year. We will see. Comic-con floor map


Connection Review from Daijoubu

Daijoubu provides everyone with a really great review of Connecticon from last week on their blog. Sounds like a pretty good con. Nice convention center.


Penny Arcade says Play Jenga!

The Penny Arcade Expo, better known as PAX a celbration of all things video gaming is coming up next month. So what did they pick for the first round of there awesome Omegathon tourney. None other than Jenga, the actual physical game. Oh the irony. who got bumped from the first round? None other than […]


Cons This Weekend 7/20-7/22

NeconBristol, RI (Writers) Dexcon East Brunswick, NJ (Gaming) ConestogaTulsa, OK (SF/Fantasy) Creation Star Trek Cherry Hill, NJ (STAR TREK) Flashback Weekend Chicago, IL (Horror) Hollywood Collectors Burbank, CA (Media) OtakonBaltimore, MD (Anime) VidconTampa, FL (Fan Fiction) Con Games Tampa, FL (Gaming) Super Mega Show Seacaucus, NJ (Comics) JapanEx LONDON, (ANIME) That’s more like a summer […]


stormtroopers need sun too!

was doing a search for shore leave pictures when i came across this and couldn’t resist.



GAMERA!, PLease save us GAMERA!

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