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Furries at a tug of war.

One of the best parts of doing this site is I get to search out stuff like this from Anthrocon last week in PA. The only thing better than this madness, is well, not much.


Japan Expo in pictures.

Well lookee here, it’s a french anime convention. looks alot like an American one, except with french people!


CoNvergence 07 review.

CONvergence is by far still my favorite convention. It offers enough of the big events most conventions offer and it’s very unique in it’s presentation of it’s room parties. I think most of that is a benefit of the layout of the hotel as the Sheraton lends itself very well to the the masses at […]


CoNvergence picture set 2


CONvergence picture set 1.


Cons This Weekend 7/13-7/15

ConneticonHartford, CT (Anime) Shore Leave 29Baltimore, MD (SF Media) VulkonColumbus, OH (SF Media) Sac Anime Sacremento, CA (Anime) Northern Anime Festival Oshawa, Ontario (Anime) Kind of a light week. We just got back from CONvergence and it was great. We will put up pictures tommorow!


CONvergence here we come!

Con-News will be gone until about july 12th as we head out for CONvergence and then spend a few days in Minneapolis for vacation afterwards. When we get back you can look forward to a Convergence report and more and more CON-News!


Cons This Weekend 7/6-7/8

CONvergenceMinneapolis, MN (Media SF) AnthroconPittsburgh, PA (Anthromorphs) OriginsColumbus, OH (Gaming) Pulpcon 36 Dayton, OH (Pulp) Anime Next Meadowlands, NJ (ANIME) HorrorHound Indianapolis, IN (Horror) Inconjuction Indianapolis, IN (SF/Fantasy) Polaris 21 Toronto, CAN (Media Sf) Readercon Burlington, MA (Literature) Heinlein Centennial Kansas City, MO (Robert Heinlein) Japan Expo Paris, FRANCE (Anime) Metrocon Tampa, FL (Anime) Wow, […]


gizmodo at botcon

well. it looks fun.


S.K.I.N. concert at Anime Expo looks insane.

I know anime expo is huge but that’s an arena sized concert that many bands who have radio songs could not fill. Good for Anime Expo.


Botcon photo’s are fantastic

Photo’s are going up day by day on the Botcon website. Check out the whale tour. I have a feeling that next year’s Botcon will explode with the movie coming out next week and rekindling all that nostalgia as well as making new fans. Hope you all got your exclusive figures.


Trek Fest In Riverside, IA

really a small town faire. Its kind of neat that they have the whole star trek thing label on it but really its just a small town fair with nothing much more to it. We only stayed about 1/2 an hour. I did see the future birthplace of Captain Kirk though. It’s behind an alleyway. […]

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