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Fan Expo 2007.

Have you ever just walked by the lonely souls in the Artist Alley. Remember they would like to talk and be out on the show floor as well.


a little dragonball cosplay to warm your soul.


Cons This Weekend 8/31-9/3 2007

Anime Banzai Salt Lake City, UT (Anime) Anime Fest Dallas, TX (Anime) Anime Vegas Las Vegas, NV (Anime) KumoriconVancouver, BC (Anime) Gencon UK Reading, UK (Gaming) Tacticon Denver, CO (Gaming) Worldcon/Nippon 2007 Yokohoma, Japan (Scifi) Conquest San Fransico, CA (Gaming) DragonCon Atlanta, GA (Sf/Fantasy, Media) Memphit FurmeetMemphis, TN (Furries) StategiconLos Angeles, CA (Gaming) Full week, […]


Wizar World’s 2008 dates.

Hmm, can i squeeze Chicago in right before Convergence? Would be nice.


leipzig roundup.

All the stories Kotaku did on Leipzig games convention can be found all in one handy spot here


wil wheaton at PAX keynote

For trekkies and gamers, Wheaton remembers the arcade days. NSFW


Penny Arcade blog.

XBLRAdio is blogging at PAX. Some pictures of them drinking included. Show me the show floor darn it!


Leizipig Games Con coverage.

1up’s Leizipig Game Convention coverage, has photo’s, articles and video of germany’s open to the public games convention.


Smash Bros Cosplay

Oh smash bros and cosplay from an anime convention in montreal


Cons This Weekend 8/24-8/26 2007

Bubonicon Alberque, NM (SF) Canadian Fan ExpoToronto (Media/Games) Creation Stargate Chicago, IL (Stargate) Eastern Media Newark, NJ (Multimedia) Monster Mania Cherry Hill, NJ (MOnsters) Penny Arcade Expo Seattle, WA (GAMES) Realms ConCorpus Christi, TX (anime) Tomo-dachi No. Ireland (Anime) BokudouconStillwater, OK (anime) UFO Expo San Fran, CA (Yes, UFO’s) Feral CampOntario (Furry Camping)during next week. […]


Convention history.

Looking for a history of your favorite con? Just found this wonderful Wiki called Fan History. Looks like this site could really become something. Fan History


Anime Evolution photo’s

Photo’s on this flickr site of last weekend’s Anime EvolutionCria Crow’s Photo’s


Mark Millar at Wizard World

Mark Millar on the show floor at Wizard World Chicago.


Gencon photo page

72 pictures of gaming at GenconGencon photo’s


Dragoncon Commercial is scary awful.

Does anyone want to say it? Dragon Con needs a new advertiser. cheesey.


Wizard World video.

includes interviews with spiderman, iron man and the joker. and they are not very funny.


Cons This Weekend 8/17-8/19 2007

GENcon Indianapolis, IN (Gaming) Anime Festival Wichita Wichita, KS (Anime) Conchord Woodland Hills, CA (Filk) ConVersion Calgary, Alberta (SF/Fantasy) Dark Shadows Maplewood, NJ (Dark Shadows) Fright Night Louisville, KY (Horror) Spacefest Mesa, AZ (Space) Anime Evolution Vancouver (Anime) Anime Jam Fresno, CA (anime) Toronto Comics ArtsToronto, Canada (Comics) Busy busy busy.


Trekmovie has good reports.

Trek Movie has some really good reports up from last weekend’s Trek Con in Vegas.

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