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Bouchercon 2008

Figured it would be fitting to remind one and all that Bouchercon 2008 is going to be in Baltimore Oct 9th-12th.The theme is Charmed to Death


Zachary Quinto to make first convention appearance.

At Creations Grand Slam April 11th-13th 2008. I’m sure by then we will know much more about Star Trek 11. Wonder how many Heroes fans will show up?


We’ve added a Cluster map!

Once it starts updating you’ll be able to see dots on the world map for where all the visitors are coming from. pretty cool huh?


BSG interviews from Dragoncon


Cons This Weekend 9/28-10/1

Bourchercon Anchorage, AK (Mystery) Buckeye Game Fest Columbus, OH(Boardgames) Atlanta GameFest Atlanta, GA (Gaming) Conception Gleny Ellyn, IL (Gaming) ConjectureSan Diego, CA (Spec Fiction) Context Columbus, OH ( Literary SF) Star Wars/Star Trek/BSG Con Sacremento, CA (MEDIA) Filkcontinental Germany (Filk) G-kon Arlignton, TX (Video Gaming) Otaku University Mesa, AZ (Anime) Assimilation Kissimee, FL (Sf) Fantasci […]


Zebracon final.

Blogger the Other Sandy has a nice two day write up of the very last Zebracon ever on her Livejournal Sad to see another con go.


Tokyo Cosplayers.

Joystiq Has some cosplay pictures from this years Tokyo Game Show. Did someone say Space Channel Five.


Starbase INDy announces Ray Park as guest

Starbase Indy has announce Ray Park as a guest at their thanksgiving weekend convention. Maybe someone can ask him what happened to that Iron Fist movie he was doing?Details can be found HERE


Zombie Fest is coming!


Cons This Weekend 9/21-9/23

Orlando Comic Con Orlando, FL (Comics) Celebrity Meet And Greet Las Vegas, NV (Media) Anime Weekend Atlanta Atlanta, GA (Anime) Fantastic Fest Austin, TX (FILM) Dimension JUMP Peterbourough, England (Red Dwarf) ValleyconFargo, ND (Scifi/Media) Fencon Dallas, TX (Sf/Fantasy) Foolscap Bellevue, WA (SF/Fanatsy) Mountain Con Salt Lake City, UT (Sf/Fantasy) Protocon College Station, TX (Gaming)


I dont get it but i thought i had to share.


More Dragoncon photo’s

An amazing set of photo’s from dragoncon including this awesome Dr. Who costume from StarSprinkles


Columbus, OH gets another Vulkon con.

Vulkon has announced Columbus Sci-fi for May of 2008.


Baltimore Comic-COn

Curls studios brings us this report from the show floor.


Tokyo Game Show.

Microsoft was first with their press conference and a bunch of shooters were announced for Live Arcade. AwesomeNews HERE


Cons This Weekend 9/14-9/16 2007

Mid Atlantica Constalgia Aberdeen, MD (Media) NCIS Fan Fest Van Nuys, CA (NCIS) Nan Desku Con Denver, CO (ANime) Royal Con MOntreal, CANADA (Gaming) T-Mode Arlington, VA (Anime) Zebracon Chicago, IL (Slash/SF) Free State Free Con Lawrence, KS (COmics) Universal CollectiblesHurst, TX (Collectibles)


anime banzai.


Dragoncon photo’s

lot’s pf Dragoncon photo’s by foenix Here

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