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Cons This Weekend 4/4-4/6, 2008

Oddcon Madison, WI (Sf/Fantasy) Creation Stargate Vancouver, BC (STARGATE) Anime Detour Bloomington, MN (Sold out/ Anime) Arkansas Literary Festival Little Rock, AR (Literary) Cinema Wasteland Strongville, OH (Drive In Movies) Conquest Sac Rancho Cordova, CA (Gaming) Egyptian Campaign (gaming) Eyecon Orlando, FL (Supernatural) Filk Ontario Missuagga, ON (Filk) Icon 27Stony Brook, NY (SF) Little Wars […]


Iowa City Comic Book Show.

Yesterday morning I headed up the road to the Iowa City Comic book show hosted by these guys They put on nice one day dealer room shows all across the midwest. I had stopped by one in Davenport, IA before but had never made it to one of these right up the road before. The […]


Horrohound Weekend Videos.

Hellraiser Panel videos by msdfreak the dealers room. Hellraiser Prop museum video by Fcart 73


Naruto Star Trek Con happened. Here’s proof.

The oddest con combo in years happened this weekend and here’s the proof. Dont see much Star Trek, can we get proof that Trekkers showed up as well? Opening Ceremonies. video by cupholder 189 and what would monday be without some random anime dancing. akutsukinaruvideo. interview with naruto voice actor video by inuyasha 34567


1st Sakuracon videos coming in.

The show is still going on but the 1st videos are now coming in. Scandal Live by Rick708 The Slants live blurry clip of cosplay chess. videos by shade vortex. vic mignonga cosplay macrena by alphamai 1300. I thought these kids are too young to know this song.


NYCC adds two.

Brief Note. Eve Mendes and Frank Miller have been added to New York Comic Con to promote The Spirit film. Funny Frank Miller doesnt go to conventions to talk about comics anymore. I guess we have Sin City and 300 to thank for that.


Fan Film Saturday: GI Joe Battle For the Serpent Stone

films official site is here


Fan Music Video Saturday a day early:> Star Trek-NAruto.

Posting this a day early in honor of this weekends Star Trek-Naruto con. Video by Kakashiloveswaffles.


is Reactor dead?

Someone in the know get in touch. The Website hasnt been updated since last year, the forums are closed and no dates have been announced for this year. Is this con in trouble or are they just really bad webmasters?


Vulkon Adds Guests to Spring Orlando Show

Vulkon has announced even more guests to their spring sci-fi show in Orlando, Fl. They also have a spiffy new website. Guest list includes, Thomas Dekker, Jonathon Frakes, Erick Avari and many more.


MTAC adds bands.

MTAC has announced the following bands for their upcoming convention. Eyeshine, Peelander-Z, The Slants, Chickenbox, The Man Power. Peelander-Z is awesome.


Cosplay Thursday: more from Anime Boston

Cosplay Pictures video by ChaosKing 900


Cosplay Thursday: Awesome Rangers

Anime Nebraskon presents Awesome Rangers #2. There are seven parts. Very Power Rangers.


Con Announcements of the day.

Anime Expo has added Voice Actor David Hayter to their 2008 guest lineup and Yaoi Jamboree has announced Eiki Eiki and Mikiyo Tsuada as guests of honor.


costume slideshow from

Anime Express video by benihime 78


Minicon 43 reports

Baron Dave’s livejournal has one of the few reports I have found of this weekends Minicon. Seems they had around 400 attendees. Is that up or down from previous years?


Mid Ohio Con changes hands, dates.

MidOHIOCon is changing ownership but will continue for its 28th year this fall from October 4-5th. Their website is currently down but should be back up soon.


Nathan Fillion and Ron Glass headed to Australia.

Nathan Fillion and Ron Glass will be at the Serenity Convention in May in Australia. Head Here for more details.

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