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Cosplay Thursday: Allcon 08 costumes!

FossilMike has a great flickr set up from this past weekends Allcon featuring some pretty great costumes.


Cosplay Thursday!: Transformers.

Transforming costumes. Pretty cool!


Grand Slam guest schedule.

Creation has announced the days guests will be appearing at this years Grand Slam. Looks lite on Friday, then a very Smallville day on Saturday followed by a Star Trek heavy Sunday with one terminator fighter. Friday Nichelle Nichols Salome Jens Saturday Aaron Ashmore,Laura Vandervoort,James Marsters,David Palffy Erica Durance,Brent Spiner Sunday Leonard Nimoy,Zachary Quinto,James Marsters,Brent […]


Video Reviews of Texas Fear Fest

Good video of the show by excalibear. O.k. so these are more guys talking about their weekend than reviews. but if you want to know how they felt about the weekend, here you go. punk cinema’s view Video by Radioactive Review


Robotech tour adds T-Mode.

The Robotech tour has added T-Mode in Virginia to it’s list of tour dates. Sure to be a treat for fans of Robotech/Macross.


Kyle Herbet Entertains

just because Neo Noh Con was canceled last weekend doesn’t stop Guest Kyle Herbert from entertaining. Thanks ZXPeinX for the videos.


Cons this Weekend 3/14-3/16, 2008

I am having some Html troubles with the site today. Hopefully everything is fixed but if you notice something please let me know. On with the CONVENTIONS! Ambercon Detroit, MI (RPG) Anime Oasis Boise, ID (Anime) Deepcon ITALY (SF) Chimaeracon San Antonio, TX (Gaming) Johncon Baltimore, MD (Gaming) Lunacon Rye Brook, NY (SF) Millennicon Cinncinatti, […]


more star trek actors rapping. and Patrick Stewart!

From This weekends Star Trek con in New Jersey. Thanks 55775a for posting the videos. Brent Spiner teasing Patrick Stewart. Why do Star Trek Actors think they can rap? First J.G. Hertzler and Robert O Reilly, Then Cirroc Lofton, and now Max “Rom” Grodenchick Chase Masterton talks about Mark Hamill J.G. Hertzler sings klingon.


Bsg recap!

They did this for lost and Now Battlestar Galactica. If you want to jump in with the new season and don’t have time to watch the Dvd’s here’s your chance. Warning though it is very very spoilery.


Jewel Staite goes to Australia

Jewel Staite has had her scheldule on SG:Atlantis change so she will be returning to the guest list at Supernova in Melbourne. Lucky Australians!


Portconmaine gets it brawl on.

Portcon Maine has has proudly announced that stars of the hit new Nintendo Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Michele Knotz and Bill Rogers, will be guests at this years con. Everything is coming up Brawl these days.


Megacon news coming in.

Super comics site Newsarama has some great reporting from Megacon. They have show floor reviews up as well as interviews with the big names including Marvel’s Joe Quesada. Enjoy.


Geek Purchase of the Week: BRAWL!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Geek Purchase of the week. I think we all know it’s Super Smash Bros Brawl. I mean even Foxtrot realizes it’s the most anticipated game ever on an Nintendo system and that’s saying something. I may wake up enough here in a bit to drive on out and pick up my […]


Space review.

Slam Bang Comics has a really great review of the small press Expo Space as well as some pictures on their blog.


Neonohcon canceled due to weather.

Neonohcon which is supposed to be taking place as i type was canceled due to extreme weather. Hopefully word got out to all guests attending.


Cape grows, announces guests

CAPE the one day comic event centered around Free Comic Book Day has announced a change of venue and a listing of guests attending including Mark Waid, RObert Kirkman, David Mack and Many Many more. For more info please check out Capeday


Cosplay Thursday: Squeenix Eye for the Straight Guy.

A very funny Cosplay skit for the Anime/Video Game crowd from Minamicon. Thanks Intial Dave.


More Marscon Dementia videos!

Thanks BreakManZ, KilamajaroKen, Paul And Storm “Nun Fight” Sudden Death “Getting Old Sucks” Rob Balder “Rich Fantasy Lives.”

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