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Penguincon Videos.

musical Telsa Coils by blogging chick. some highlights by timeshredder. bawls the enemy of sleep by terrin helles mario bros theme by the telsa coils. cool.


Cons This Weekend 4/25-4/27, 2008

We’re going to be going to Windy City on Friday to check out day one of the WCPAPE. Where are you going this weekend? Windy City Pulp And Paper Chicago, IL (PULP/Comics) Pittsburgh Comiccon Pittsburgh, PA (Comics) Calgary Expo Calgary, ON (Comics) Armageddon Christchurch, NZ (Media) Stumptown Portland, OR (Comics) Cape Comiccon Cape Gireadue, MO […]


StarFest report.

Trekmovie has a report on Star Fest this past weekend. Mostly Features Quinto, Nichols and Visitor.


NoBrandCon videos.

video slideshow of events costumes at nobrandcon this past by themisssingebottem. Kyle Herbert Panel by lii0lionheart. captain jack versus sora cosplay fight.


NYCC Youtube roundup.

IGN Interview with Incredible Hulk Director BSG Panel 1 of 3 by Proggrl Dreadnought attends NYCC Handbridge UK video credit MC Chris playing live video by russ257 robot chicken panel.


New type of Convention Zuiichi

Zuiichi describes itself as n event dedicated to bringing the love of Japanese culture and related “fandom” to a more diverse, mature, and professional audience. It looks like a really nice theatre with really nice food watching anime and Joss Whedon shows. Hey sounds fine to me. Its August 3rd in Vancouver, WA.


Fan Film Saturday: Halo Meets Nintendo

This is pretty funny.


NYCC Videos coming in

new xfiles trailer posted by amazon agent. Scott McCloud and Douglas Ruskoff panel by thedailycrosshatch


Fan Film Saturday: Iron Man Trailers.

The hype for the movie is boiling over. heres some fan films for Iron Man. hi tech professional trailerfrom holorokon. Trailer by Fanger 54 a neat civil war trailer reminding us why Iron Man isnt the favorite comic book hero these days.


and Newsaarama liveblogs NYCC

And over on Newsarama they have an entire mini site up for NYCC here featuring reports, photos and even liveblogging of panels. wow.


io9 posts from NYCC

Super scifi site io9 has posted their plans for the convention and some photos. I so want to be at this con.


Cosplay Thursday: Jackie Chan

Were going to cheat today because its not really cosplay. Or is it? Jackie Chan is a pop singer.


Coast Con Photos.

A few Coastcon Photo’s have shown up on Flashcove’s Flickr site. Mostly Star Wars and Firefly costumes.


Whedonopolis covers James Marsters

Over on Whedonopolis they have a good write up of James Marsters Q and A from Grand Slam.



New Section To Be Headed By “Kids Love Comics” Creators This week Heroes Convention 2008, long known for its family-friendly environment, announced the creation of a special section of the convention dedicated to all-ages comics and creators! Headed by the respected Kids Love Comics group of creators, the section is tentatively being called “The Kids […]


Cons This Weekend 4/18-4/20, 2008

New York Comic Con NYC, NY (Comics) Nobrandcon Eau Claire, WI (Anime) Conglomeration Louisville, KY (SF) Eeriecon 10 Niagra Falls, NY (SF/Horror) Fedcon Bonn, Germany (Sf) OLNFC Warwickshire, England (Leanord Nimoy) Penguincon Troy, MI (Sf/OpenSource) Starfest Denver, CO (Media) Armageddon Pulp Expo New Zealand (Media) Econocon Plymouth, NH (gaming) Kawaii-kon Hawaii (Anime)


Anime Punch Videos

Masq Skit # 1 by SoySauce ouran high skit by corrine 79


Tekkoshocon videos.

cant be monday without dance video. electric slide pokemon by xxaemillusxx picture slideshow by rathacker photo slideshow by marrowof bone.

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