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Stand out in the crowd.

By Shawn Scott Smith| June 20, 2013 | Comments Off on Stand out in the crowd.

Ever been to comic con and sometimes people in the artist alley just start to blur together? One table to the next just looks the same, people selling the same prints of batman, or a publisher trying to get you to look at their wares.

Many artists go all out to get their tables noticed. Most artists now get banners with their own personalized artwork on them distinguishing them from the rest of the crowd. Some build entire structures and grid walls turning there usually 6 foot table into a massive display you just can’t miss.

You can personalize your shopping bags, so that customers all across the convention center will see your logo and even if you don’t get a sale there, you may end up with one later.

But what if you’re a dealer? Sometimes it’s a good idea to add a freebie with purchase, especially if you have a webstore that you can use to get repeat business outside of the convention space. Thanks to places like Quality Logo Products, you can get things like free koozies, drinkware, or even something like a pen. Never know when a customer may use that pen to get a special autograph. Have Stan Lee sign a photo with your pen can’t be a bad thing.

If you aren’t exhibiting at a show you can still benefit from some promotional materials. How about if you have a podcast? Wouldn’t it be great to advertise the podcast to a large gathering without much work? Most conventions have freebie tables. Get something neat made with your website printed on it. Many will take the item and check when they get home. A few days after the con you’ll start seeing new hits as people go through their bag of loot. Sometimes standing out in a show is only half the benefit of doing it, it’s being remembered afterwards that really counts.



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