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By Shawn Scott Smith| September 4, 2013 | Comments Off on TOMMY TALLARICO TO ATTEND MAGFEST


September 3rd, 2013:
loves to bring out the best, brightest, and most colorful composers from
the video game music scene, and Mr. Tommy Tallarico certainly fits that
bill. It’s been five years since Tommy has attended a MAGFest event, so
it’s a real treat to bring him back into the fray of the annual video game
music mecca at MAGFest 12, coming January 2-5, 2014, in National Harbor,

Tommy Tallarico’s career spans over 20 years of hits including Earthworm
Jim, Metroid Prime, Advent Rising, and many more. Mr. Tallarico is also the
creator and producer of Video Games Live, the world’s premiere touring
orchestral video game concert event. Since 2005, Video Games Live has
toured in countries all over the world, boasting a repertoire of over 60
different games in a wide variety of styles. The third album from Video
Games Live is currently in its planning phases, but needs YOUR HELP to make
it a reality. Show your support by chipping in to the “Video Games Live:
Level 3″ kickstarter
The kickstarter ends on September 13th, so move quickly before it’s over!

Tallarico joins a host of other guests and bands at MAGFest 12, including
Bastion composer Darren Korb
Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe
Swedish SID Metal group Machinae Supremacy
and Brazilian Video Game cover rockers MegaDriver
This is just a small sample of the dozens of guests, and almost 40 musical
acts that’ll be performing at MAGFest 12, January 2-5, 2014 in National
Harbor, MD. Be there, or be some form of polygonal shape that indicates
that you are not there! For more information, visit the MAGFest website

About MAGFest:
Short for “Music And Gaming Festival,” MAGFest is a four day long festival
dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and
the gaming community. The festival runs 24 hours a day, and offers
consoles, arcades, tabletop, LAN, live video game cover bands, chiptunes,
vendors, guest speakers, and much much more. MAGFest is run by MAGFest,
Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the appreciation of
games and video game music. MAGFest Inc.’s main method of achieving this
goal is to create events which provide a means for people to enjoy games,
as well as musical concerts. For more details regarding MAGFest, contact
Nick Marinelli, MAGFest press and public relations director,



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