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18 conventions added to the calendar!

By Shawn Scott Smith| September 18, 2013 | Comments Off on 18 conventions added to the calendar!

Nov 1st-3rd, 2013
Kamikon Louisville, KY

June 20th-22nd, 2014
Storm Con Charleston, SC
MonsterBash Mars, PA

July 4th-6th, 2014
LAW Louisville, KY

July 10th-14th, 2014
Readercon Burlington, MA
Goocon Atlanta, GA
Metrocon Tampa, FL

July 18th-20th, 2014
Southern Media Lakeland, FL
Historicon Fredericksburg, VA
Con Bravo Oakville, ON
Kansasfest Kansas City, MO
Monstercon Greenville, SC

July 25th-27th, 2014
Comic-Con Intl San Diego, CA
MegaplexKissimee, FL
Anime Iowa Iowa City, IA

Aug 1st-3rd, 2014
Osfest Omaha, NE

Aug 8th-11th, 2014
Mythcon Norton, MA

Oct 25th-27th, 2014
Athens Anime Academy Athens, GA



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