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NC Comicon A blast!

By Shawn Scott Smith| November 11, 2013 | Comments Off on NC Comicon A blast!

Went to the Nc Comicon on Sunday to see how the show was doing. We have been in Artist Alley for this show twice before including the original one four years ago. This year we decided to attend as fans and just enjoy ourselves and we did do that. The Con has expanded its offering greatly taking advantage of the next door Carolina Theaters which showed classic genre films all weekend. The general public could come watch one of those films for $8 but every pass holder to the convention got one movie for free. It justifies the door entry a little more to have the added bonus of a free movie added in and helps with the variety.

The convention space itself has grown now taking up most of the convention center.
The dealers room had a great variety of dealers and we spent more than we meant to so that’s always a good sign. Lots of great artists in attendance as well and some we hadn’t seen before in North Carolina which is a pretty great score for the convention considering Heroescon happens a few months earlier.

ncc3Overall this con looks like it’s growing in the right direction and we have next years dates of Nov 15th-16th, 2014 circled on our calendar and you should to.

The one area on a personal note I can complain about is lack of communication around press passes for new media. As you readers know we reach thousands of fans on a daily basis here at I wrote months ago for access to press passes to better cover the show for you. Got zero response from their media department, not even a no. When I asked on twitter they said they would be in touch.

Nothing. I know a show like this can be overwhelmed at times with media requests, but it does cause a little concern when we cater to the convention going family.
I don’t mind paying to attend but with a press pass we can also get a little deeper into the convention for you. Hopefully they get that worked out for next year for whoever else may have run into issues as well. And our lack of press access shouldn’t stop you from going. It is a great show with big things in front of it.



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