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Con-news needs your help.

By Shawn Scott Smith| November 11, 2013 | Comments Off on Con-news needs your help.

I’ve been doing this site for almost 6 years now. I’ve had the help of some amazing contributors over the years. I want to especially thank Petrea Mitchell who has been writing and volunteering for the site since the very beginning.
What I need now is to either,

1: offload some of the day to day posting. Someone who can go through the press releases we receive and get them up on the site. New writers. The site needs new blood to keep the energy going. We’ve had many great writers go on to become major stars. Lauren Orsini now writes for Kotaku and other big gigs. Shawn Marshall is rocking it out with his site The Confluence Covers. But we need more, and more all the time.
If we can get enough people on board to help maintain the site then I have no problem footing the bill to keep the site going for another six years. What I can’t do is devote the same time and energy that it has cost over the past six.

2: A group of individuals or organization who want to takeover and run the site wholesale. It’s my baby, but I know that there are people out there who can make it better, and grow the audience from tens of thousands to much more. I’m hesitant to allow it to go to any one focus fandom site as this site has always been about all fandoms so if you run a site on just Anime or Furries, this probably isn’t your next step. But a group of fans, who all like different stuff, perhaps that would work, or an conglomeration of fans from all over would also give the site a much needed perspective.

Anyway, I am looking for help. If I can’t find a situation that works, eventually con-news will disband, and disappear. I’d rather we keep it alive. If you think you can help write me with the subject con-news.

Thanks again for reading!



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