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To Be or Not to Be: Day Passes.

By Shawn Scott Smith| February 28, 2008 | Comments Off on To Be or Not to Be: Day Passes.

Day Passes. A con goers excuse to only attend one day? A Convention staffers nightmare? A chance to experience a convention when you only have limited funds? Day passes are handled differently at every convention. Some never have them, most likely never will. Others are growing to offer them as their weekend rates go up, it has become too expensive for families to attend.
For a convention staffer a day pass is difficult especially if you have hallway or monitor duty. Checking badges is tough enough but to have to check individual days is harder. It also makes the registration desk that much more hectic.
But conventions, especially those hoping to grow and or struggling to find an audience can use day passes to make their con succeed. In this growing retail economy more and more jobs don’t have the typical weekend off anymore and it’s difficult to always get off for a convention. I know I’ve missed many cons where I would have driven five hours to get to if they only offered a day pass. Im not going to pay $70 at the door for one day. Sorry, it’s just not worth it. (and obviously I like cons) So would the convention rather have my 25 dollars for a day or nothing? That depends on the con I guess but I think the option should be available. Just writing it makes me hurt. 25 dollars for a day? That’s the price I could register for the whole weekend just a few years ago. If the prices keep going up day passes may be the only alternative for many people, and let’s hope more cons allow for them to come into play.

If you run a con or just have thoughts please let us know how you feel about day passes.



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