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By Shawn Scott Smith| July 26, 2010 | 1 Comment

FT. MITCHELL, KY – July 22, 2010—Sugoicon, Cincinnati’s Premier Anime Convention, is proud to
announce the addition of Shinichi Watanabe as the convention’s Japanese Guest of Honor. He joins
returning American voice acting guests Christopher Ayres, Josh Grelle, Brittney Karbowski, and Carli
Mosier to celebrate Sugoicon’s eleventh year.
Known popularly as “Nabeshin”, Shinichi Watanabe is the iconic director of the anime comedies Excel
Saga, Nerima Daikon Brothers, and Tenchi Muyo! GXP, as well as the recent comedy-drama The
Wallflower. Nabeshin is also known for his animated alter ego, who frequently can be spotted as a recurring
character in his series. Nabeshin’s larger-than-life personality has cemented his status as a fan favorite with
his recent stateside appearances.

Sugoicon has also confirmed writer/artist Fred Gallagher of Megatokyo as a first-time guest for the
upcoming convention, joining returning artist guests and webcomics creators James Hatton (In His
Likeness), Dan Hess (Weesh, Realms of Ishikaze), and Shannon Townsend (Otaku –no– Yen). Longtime
guests and industry professionals Doug Smith (Goldenboy’s Kintaro Oe) and Jan Scott-Frazier have also
Voices For, the Jan Scott-Frazier-produced music project, will be presented in concert at Sugoicon
again this year. The non-profit group features theme-centered songs covered by established voice actors,
with proceeds donated to charities including the Southern Poverty Law Center, C.A.R.E., ActionAid
International USA, and Doctors Without Borders. The group also features the talents of Dale Tippett and
Justin Smith of the Chicago-based band, Something Beautiful.

Sugoicon will be held at the Drawbridge Hotel & Convention Center, Ft. Mitchell, KY, on November 5-7,
2010. Pre-registrations are currently being accepted through October 11th. Pre-registration cost is $30 for a
weekend admission, or $45 at the event on convention weekend.
ABOUT SUGOICON: Organized by SORA (Southwest Ohio Regional Animation), 2010 marks
Sugoicon’s eleventh year as a public convention. Please visit for more convention-
related information. The official Twitter feed for the convention is @Sugoicon_Cincy.




  1. Richard Keefe
    July 26th, 2010 @ 12:26 pm

    It’s a shame part of the proceeds will be wasted on the Southern Poverty Law Center, as NOT ONE of the SPLC’s top ten, highest paid executives is a minority, much less an Asian.

    While the SPLC displays a “diverse” Board of Directors on its website, all of the Directors, with the exception of SPLC co-Founder Joe Levin, are unpaid advisers with no impact on SPLC policy or personnel.

    It’s nothing more than simple PR “brown-washing”.

    The SPLC also has nearly $190 MILLION donor-dollars in cash on hand. Of the $31 MILLION donor dollars it took in last year, the SPLC spent only $1.1 million on “legal case costs,” which is less than 4 cents of each dollar.

    Compare that with the $5.3 million they spent on fund-raising printing and postage costs or the $12 million they spent on salaries.

    Sugoicon could certainly find needier and more deserving charities to support than the white millionaires at the bloated SPLC.

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