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Starbase Indy news.

By Shawn Scott Smith| August 23, 2010 | 1 Comment

Starbase Indy: The 15th Generation

You haven’t heard much from us this year, but don’t let that fool you. We haven’t been just sitting on our hands – we’ve been busy making 2010 the best year yet for Starbase Indy! Make sure you read all the way to the bottom… cause we are saving the best for last! Ready to buy your tickets now without reading all the good news? Click here to visit our online store!
SBI 2010 Guests
We already have five media guests and a BAND lined up for the show this year.

Tim Russ
Tim Russ is best known among Star Trek fans as the Vulcan Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager. He also played various roles in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and the movie Generations, not to mention his work on Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. He’s currently appearing as the Principal in the popular show iCarly. Tim will be with us Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will attend the Dinner with the Stars. Click here for more details.

Ethan Phillips
Ethan is best known for his role as the Talaxian Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager. He also appeared in The Next Generation, the movie First Contact, and authored the Star Trek Cookbook. Outside the world of Star Trek, Phillips has appeared in a wide variety of movies and TV shows. His play Penguin Blues has been produced more than 150 times in North America. Ethan will be with us Friday, Saturday and Sunday including the Dinner with the Stars. Click here for more details.
Manu Intiraymi
Manu is best known among Star Trek fans for his role as the Borg Icheb on Star Trek: Voyager. He has been in a host of television, theater and movies and recently formed a production company called Chatch/Maverick films. There will be an exclusive screening of his first release, Zah – A Pizza Movie at Starbase Indy. If you want to attend there will be a $5 fee on top of your registration. Manu will be with us Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be attending the Dinner with the Stars. Click here for more details.
Deborah Downey
Deborah is best known for her guest spot on Star Trek: TOS, episode “The Way to Eden” as the hippie that jammed with Spock. Deborah is a local fan favorite. She really enjoys getting to know the fans and has a heart of gold pressed latinum. She currently lives in the suburbs of Indianapolis and is an amazing artist. Deb will be with us Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be attending the Dinner with the Stars. David Reddick
Perennial favorite David Reddick is back. David’s first convention was the 2005 Starbase Indy. David started drawing The Trek Life for the official Star Trek website in July of 2005. David also does the webcomics Gene’s Journal and Rod & Barry for David’s comics have been featured in many magazines including the Star Trek Magazine. David will be with us Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be a part of our Dinner with the Stars
Musical Guests
We’ve got a BAND. Better yet, we’ve got a STAR TREK band appearing at Starbase Indy on Friday night. Five Year Mission is on a mission to write and perform a song for each of the Original Series episodes. They will be performing on Friday night on our main stage and again on Saturday during our Dinner with the Stars. Click here for more details.

We’re still working on the details, but we already know that some of our favorites from last year are going to be back again. Joe Greene’s critter crunch will feature robots doing cool things. And remember last year’s masquerade? We all watched Batwoman beat the heck out of Garrett Wang. And, you can’t forget the hilarious TV Master Control operator that won Logan Huffman’s Judges Choice Award. We will also have our newer bigger ConSuite, Dinner with the Stars, and the late-night room parties including the famous Barfleet shindig.

A few other events we have confirmed include…

Dr. Vasavada, professor Emeritus of Physics from IUPUI with a presentation of the cosmos
Starbase Indy’s very own Gregg Nowling and George Starkey are back with a TWO hour workshop on prop building.
Magic House Productions will present several panels on film making.
Panels on costume contruction and make-up with Michelle Mussoni, Alena Van Arendonk & Chris Brown.
Rob Pyatt will present his infamous Weird Science
Dr. Rob & Jeff Thompson (both will also be our MC’s again this year) will present “Trailer Park,” their clips and opinions of really bad movies.
Pam Easterday will conduct four children workshops on Tribble making, Wave Bottles and Mobiles, plus Saturday morning cartoons & cereal.
One of our highly anticipated items last year fell victim to the H1N1 virus… the 80’s style Arcade Room. Well, we have been in contact with Data Dan and he is all geared up and ready to try again this year. He plans on bringing even more machines than he planned last year. So stay well Dan; we all can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year!

Badges? Have you SEEN our stinkin’ Badges?
Starbase Indy is proud of the original art that goes on our badges. Only attendees that pre-register for a weekend membership will receive one of our famous badges. With all of the fun things we have to do Thanksgiving weekend, how much would you expect to spend? $100? $200? NO! Click here to for more details.
Dinner with the Stars
Back by popular demand… DINNER WITH THE STARS!! It’s been four years since we’ve held this event and since then it has been our most requested experience. We only have enough seating for 50 people so you will want to buy your tickets soon… and at $75 a person, these tickets will not last long. Click here to find out what happens.
Resistance is futile, feeding the hungry is not!
Clara Trout, a member of Starbase 6, a division of Starfleet Command and local Star Trek fan club, has been working with Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana to raise cans of food for Gleaners the Indiana Food Bank. They plan on having a giant Borg cube made out of 600 (or more) cans of food

Art Contest
Speaking of the amazing art on our badges (And our tee shirts. And our program books. And a wide variety of other quality products from our store), we need some. This year, we wanted to open it up to you, our amazing community, to create the art we’ll use for the show. The creator of last year’s art, Tim Treado, got the opportunity to see Garrett Wang wearing a tee shirt with his art on it (and to hear him say it was the first convention tee shirt he’s ever worn!)

The art we select will be used on the official Starbase Indy tee shirt, attendee badge, and program book (and, frankly, on anything else we can think of. We know we’re gonna LOVE the art).

If you would like to put your creative skills up for judging, submit your intent and artwork to the artcontest [at]

The winner will receive:
2 – complimentary tickets to Starbase Indy 2010
1 – Starbase Indy tee shirt
1 – Program book, signed by each of the guests featured in the program
Entries must be received by September 19.
The first round of judging will be completed by the fans via a poll on the SBI website.
The top three winners of the poll will become our finalists and move to the second round of judging by the SBI Core Staff. Voting wil be held between September 27th to the 29th. The winner will be announced on October 1.
All entries must be submitted as high resolution and be in both black & white and color. (Although the shirt will be in B/W, the color version will be used for our program book.)
Layered PhotoShop files are preferred but not mandatory. Files used for print should be high-res, fit an 8×10 page, and submitted in PSD, TIF, EPS and/or JPG.
All entries become the property of SBI for the duration of the judging. After the judging is complete, the rights to all non-winning entries revert to the artist. The rights to the winning entry remain with Starbase Indy.
FREE Movie on Friday
Starbase Indy decided to bring back the FREE HD movie in main programming. After a great deal of discussion we decided to bring… GALAXY QUEST to our big screen! This is a fun movie starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub and many more. Whether you enjoy attending conventions or are just a sci-fi fan at heart… everyone loves this movie. The free showing begins at 12pm with seating starting at 11:45am)… so get there early!
Starbase Indy Mini-Documentary
Gary Wood of Woodwork Productions will be heading up a workshop to produce a mini-documentary about Starbase Indy. Participants will collaborate to write, shoot and edit the mini-doc. Those that participate will gain valuable skills including writing, editing, filming, lighting, audio — all the skills needed to create your own projects. Gary will supply all of the equipment.
If you have an HD miniCam you can use it during this project. The panel will meet Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a screening at closing ceremonies. There is limited space for this panel so those interested will need to sign up in the store. There is NO CHARGE for the panel and the finished project will be displayed on the front page of and on You must have a weekend membership to participate. Click here to confirm your spot on this panel.



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  1. Clara Trout
    August 28th, 2010 @ 12:29 pm

    Kim & Crew I loved your write up regarding everything! Great Job. Only thing the links didn’t work on when it said click here for further info.

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