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Evillecon press.

By Shawn Scott Smith| November 18, 2010 | Comments Off on Evillecon press.

The first round of guests have been announced on the EvilleCon website! Joining us this year will be: Seraphina, creator of the Otaku-Fusion Bellydance; Shane Moore, fantasy author; Pikabellechu, the Guinness World Record holder of over 10,000+ pokemon items; Satoshi, avid cosplayer (and fiance to Pikabellechu); and Sara Hoskin’s, formerly of the J-Rock bank Gemini, who will be performing on Saturday night!

Our Main Events and first rounds of panels are also up! Main Events so far include: Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Chess, Scavanger Hunts, Formal Ball, Rave, Karaoke, AMV Contest, Amateur Art Contest and Martial Arts demos!

Some of our first round of panels include: Otaku-Fusion Belly Dance, ParaPara 101, Cosplay How-To, Amateur Voice Acting, How to Win your Otaku’s Heart, Kakashi’s Jan-Ken-Pon Tournament, Pokemon Panel, Japanese 101 and Origami panels!

All information and bios are available on our website at!



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