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Creation list.

By Shawn Scott Smith| May 20, 2008 | Comments Off on Creation list.

A look at Creations upcoming shows. It would be nice if they did a BSG con other than Cali.
Burbank, CA
7-Nov-08 – Farscape 2nd Frellin’ F’well
22-Nov-08 – Battlestar Galactica Con
22-Nov-08 – Official Stargate SG-1 Con
22-Nov-08 – Salute to Firefly/Serenity
Cherry Hill, NJ
7-Nov-08 – Official Stargate SG-1 Con
6-Mar-09 – Official Star Trek Con

Chicago, IL
22-Aug-08 – Official Stargate SG-1 Con
14-Nov-08 – Salute to Supernatural
6-Mar-09 – Fangoria’s W’knd Horrors

Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
6-Jun-08 – Salute to Supernatural

Las Vegas, NV
6-Aug-08 – Official Star Trek Con
Los Angeles, CA
30-Jan-09 – Official Xena Convention
27-Mar-09 – Salute to Supernatural
17-Apr-09 – Fangoria’s W’knd of Horrors
1-May-09 – Grand Slam: Sci-Fi Summit

Secaucus, NJ
(New York Area)
20-Jun-08 – Fangoria’s W’knd Horrors

Vancouver, BC
2-Apr-09 – Official Stargate SG-1 Con



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