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Starbase Indy April Newsletter

By Shawn Scott Smith| April 25, 2011 | Comments Off on Starbase Indy April Newsletter

From April Newsletter:

Starbase Indy is back on a NEW DATE!

Great Scott!  Dr. Brown, there has been an anomaly in the space/time continuum.  That nasty Q has been at it again.  Starbase Indy will NOT be held on Thanksgiving weekend.  Fire up the DeLorean and start saving garbage!  Make sure the flux capacitor is fully functional so that you can prepare yourself for a temporal displacement. Insert the date December 9-11, 2011 to reach Starbase Indy, the 16th Generation.  Time travel is on the playbill.  (We don’t know why bowling is more important, other than they have more money.) But our Marriott hotel has been most obliging in helping us to keep costs down by once again giving us great room rates.

IMPORTANT – Starbase Indy will not be the only event at the hotel this year.  PLEASE, if you want a room — RESERVE IT NOW!  For more details, visit our hotel page.

Starbase Indy Programming

We will still be taking programming very seriously and will be lining up a plethora of interesting things to see and do, but we won’t be sneaking into your rooms at night in full protective gear to scare the stuffing out of you.  And we absolutely promise not to change the future.

Secondary Programming will have some of your favorites back and new ideas are being discussed.

Making tribbles and wave bottles with Pamela Easterday was very popular so we will have workshops for children (Please note that children seven and under must be accompanied by an adult) along with Cereal and Cartoons on Saturday morning in the Video Room.  We want to get your kids addicted to SBI interested in science and speculative fiction early.  And for those adults in the crowd, I am sure that we can convince Dr. Rob to regale us with his tales of Weird Science.

We will, of course, have the Dinner with the Stars, the Masquerade, the Charity Auction, Karaoke and panels on a variety of subjects.  You can visit the gaming room, watch movies, converse in the Con Suite or visit our Dealer’s Room. We will keep you updated on additions as programming gets more solid.  A semi-final programming grid will be up in late October, but continue on below for more details on certain programming.

Starbase Indy is going to bring another FREE HD movie to main programming, we just haven’t decided which one. The free showing and programming in general will begin later, since most of us still have to work in the mundane world that Friday.  You will not need a badge for the movie, but it may convince you to join us for the rest of the weekend.

DINNER WITH THE STARS is still on the menu!! If you haven’t attended before, here is a brief review:  mix and mingle followed by a buffet dinner and then the fun starts as some of our guests entertain us for an hour.  We only have enough seating for 50 people so you will want to buy your tickets quickly because at $75 a person, these tickets will not last long.

Dinner seats are first come first serve.
Not everyone can sit with the stars.
Order NOW to ensure a good seat!

Data Dan will definitely be returning with his oh-so-retro arcade.  Depending on demand, there may be a sign-up sheet available with time limits on play duration.  We want to make sure all interested players get a chance to shoot down the bad guys.

Five Year Mission is on a continuing mission to write and perform a song for each of the Original Series episodes and will be returning to Starbase Indy. We may be able to snag a Klingon band for a little competition.

Charities have always been a big part of Starbase Indy.  In addition to our favorite no-kill cat shelter Cat’s Haven, we will be collecting cash donations for Lungevity in honor of Dana Dougan.

As to guests, so far we have three in the queue.

Starbase Indy Guest Stars

John Billingsley was born in Media, PA and raised in Weston, CN. John studied theater at Bennington College in Vermont after which he spent a number of years in the Pacific Northwest earning his wings doing local theater.  In Star Trek:  Enterprise, John plays the medical officer Dr. Phlox and makes an appearance in Stargate SG-1 as a scientist fascinated with Star Trek.  He is currently portraying Mike Spencer in True Blood.  In between and during all this John has appeared in a host of TV shows from Northern Exposure to The X-Files to the werewolf expert in Angel.  He is married (blissfully, he maintains) to Bonita Friedericy, who just happens to be our second guest.  John will be with us Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be attending the Dinner with the Stars. Click here for more details about John.

Born in Charlottesville, VA, and raised in the Los Angeles, CA area, Bonita (Bonnie) Friedericy first earned her living as a teacher.  She started as a substitute but quickly found that it was easier to teach at one school.  Ultimately, she substituted and taught full time for about 13 years.  Bonnie appeared as Cordelia’s dress shop boss in Buffy, Jasmine’s assistant Patience in Angel, as Rooney on Star Trek: Enterprise and has been in a variety of other shows and plays.  Currently, Bonnie is appearing in Chuck as General Diane Beckman.  Her character became a regular in August 2010.  Bonnie will be with us Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be attending the Dinner with the Stars. Click here for more details for more details about Bonita.

Deborah Downey, who played Mavig in Star Trek: TOS will be joining this year. She is our own favorite hippie chick.  She really enjoys getting to know the fans and has a heart of gold pressed latinum. Deb will be with us Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be attending the Dinner with the Stars. Click here for more details on Deborah.

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