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NADW July Newsletter.

By Shawn Scott Smith| June 25, 2011 | Comments Off on NADW July Newsletter.

The North American Discworld Convention 2011
July 8 – 11, Madison WI –
June 24th Newsletter

Less than two weeks remain before Madison is taken over by Pratchett fans! Here we can feel the impending deadline breathing down on our necks like a swamp dragon on the verge of exploding.

So without further ado, we have some delightful updates for everyone!

At-Con News and Communications:

Want to keep up with all the news as it happens during the convention itself? We will have several ways to keep you informed and alerted to where the fun is, was, or will be happening!  Here’s the latest:

1) At the convention, we’d love to see people share the great time they are having via Twitter, Facebook, their blogs, and more! We encourage you to:

a. Tweet about your fun adventures, using the #nadwcon hashtag!

b. Post to your favorite place to blog, post photos, post videos, etc. and share those posts by sending a link After the con, we will post links to all of the con reports we receive.

c. We are working on creating an official Youtube channel, so keep your eyes open for the NADWCon channel broadcasting videos from the convention!

2) We will also have several committee members tweeting from the @nadwcon account.  Each of us will sign tweets with our initials so you can see who’s having fun where. Here are some of the folks you’ll see sharing their experiences:

Vivian Obarski (VO)
Emily Whitten (ESW)
Missy Hayes (MH)
Denise Connell (DC)
Pat Harkin (PH)

2) We will be putting together and providing a short at-con newsletter each day, reporting on the con and providing any programming updates and announcements.  These will be available each day on a special page of the con website, and also provided in limited hard copies each day at the Registration Desk.

For budding reporters seeking to submit news to the Ankh-Morpork Times, submissions must be received by 9 p.m. for publication in the next day’s newsletter.

PLEASE NOTE: We are looking for several intrepid reporters to submit a daily article and/or photo reporting on whatever fun convention activity they choose, to be included in the daily newsletter.  Please email to volunteer for this.

Others may feel free to submit something as well if they’d like, by emailing it to, or dropping it off in Con Ops, c/o Vivian Obarski.

3) Seeking news about the convention? There will be a PDF of the newsletter available at the website as well as news posted at our LJ account, Facebook, Forums and Twitter.

Pre-Con Help Is Welcome:

Arriving early and looking for a way to help out? If you want to volunteer to help with the set up, arrive on July 7 before noon on the second floor

Sheathe Those Swords and Leave Your Brass Knuckles at Home!

We are all about authenticity in costuming, but before you pack up your collapsible scythe, please read our weapons policy, as listed here: The Watch will be out in force to ensure that our convention follows the policies set forth there, so please ensure that you are aware of them, and help us to keep everyone unharmed and having a good time by following the rules at the con!

Maskerade info now online!

Planning on entering our lovely little maskerade? Got a Rincewind costume that would make David Jason jealous and want to entire it? Be sure to read our maskerade rules, as listed here:

Program listings now online!

Want to know about the science of Discworld? Curious about Stephen Player’s art and technique? Or maybe you want to match wits against Granny Weatherwax? All that information can be found on our programming page,

Be sure to keep an eye on that page also, because there will be a pocket PDF guide available there for people to download and enjoy at the convention. For those of you with smartphones, we’re planning on having an app available also.

Snowgum Films seeks help for Cohen short film!

Snowgum Films would like to remind all con attendees that there is now less than two week of opportunity to go, in being involved in the largest independent Discworld film ever made: Troll Bridge!

A huge thank you goes out to all project backers who have infused themselves into this project thus far; you’re making history!

Please visit the site below for your last chance to nab some exclusive Troll Bridge merchandise and be involved in the most epicest short film ever made!

Staying in the Madtown a bit longer?

There’s more than just the Discworld convention to be found in Madison. If you’re lucky enough to linger around, you’ll find that there’s plenty to see and do in town. Check out our travel guide,, for more information.

Sad news regarding Elizabeth Moon

Due to family health problems, Elizabeth Moon will not be attending NADWCon. We wish her and her family the best during this time.

Equipment and Supply requests! Help a con out!

If you’re local to the Madison area, your Committee begs your indulgence and assistance.  Anything we can beg, borrow or (ahem) steal from you in the way of supplies for the convention will relieve us of having to buy or rent those items, freeing up funds for worthy causes.

We’re particularly interested in the following sorts of things:  computers, video projectors, and cables to connect those items.  These could be used in all areas of the con.  Sewing machines, fabric (ladies, anything you donate will just make room for more!), findings, lace, thread, and all useful items for the Costume Dungeon.  A nice big coffee urn or two. A cash register, cash boxes and zippered money pouches.  And any sort of office supplies–paper, binder clips, sharpies, scissors, stapler, rubber bands, post-its, and whatever else you might think useful in your office. Oh yeah, and we could really use your leftover clean plastic grocery bags! Let us re-use them for you!

If you can lend or donate any of these things, please let us know at .



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