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By Shawn Scott Smith| November 17, 2011 | Comments Off on News from Green Mustard


Badges from Fan Conventions
So we’ve started a Tumblr (since, it seems, all the ‘cool’ kids are doing it.)  When doing so, we tried to think about something worth posting for fans of geek conventions.  The result?  We dug out all of our old badges/laminates from the past decade of conventions we’ve gone to and we post a new one every day.  If you’re on Tumblr, you should check it out:

Florida Anime Experience 2012
In case you missed it, we’ve announced the Guest of Honor for FAE 2012: Terri Hawkes, the voice of Sailor Moon, is coming to Florida!  This will be her first appearance EVER at a convention in the U.S. making this a once in a lifetime opportunity!  Florida Anime Experience 2012 takes place May 25-27, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.  Details can be found on

  • Tickets are on sale now!
  • Artist Ally Information will be posted in December
  • Vendor Information will be posted later this month
That’s right, folks, we’re doing it one more time.  The Invader ZIM fan convention will take place July 27-29, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.  Scheduled to appear: The voices of Dib, Gaz, Gir, Zim… and series creator Jhonen Vasquez.  You can learn more at

  • Tickets are on sale now!
  • Dinner & Breakfast tickets on sale November 28th (‘Cyber Monday’)
  • Vendor Information coming soon.

Do you like pin-up girls?  Pin-up art?  Burlesque shows?  The rockabilly lifestyle?  Then you’ll love our newest event!  PinUpalooza is still in the early planning stages, but we will be making annoucements next month.  The event is scheduled to take place July 7, 2011 in Orlando, Florida.  Check out our Facebook page for details:

  • Tickets on sale in December.
  • Vendor Information coming soon.

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