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The Con-Fluence Cons-of-the-Month: March Edition

By Shawn Marshall| February 21, 2012 | Comments Off on The Con-Fluence Cons-of-the-Month: March Edition

As we approach the end of February, it’s time to look forward at the biggest and best shows of March. As you may know, March is commonly referred to at the beginning of con season and you can see why with some of the most awesome shows of the year all on-deck.

Here are my top five cons of March, 2012:

5. Creation’s Salute to Supernatural: Los Angeles, CA (March 2nd -4th)
For the second month in a row, Creation and Supernatural team up to place a show in the top five. As I wrote last month, I’m not a huge Supernatural fan, but I am a big Creation fan. I love the quality shows that they produce and as such have a constant bias in favor of their shows. In a world where mile-long lines to see celebrity panels often result in little more than frustration and disappointment, Creation promises a seat for each attendee. As a result, shows organized by Creation allow attendees to enjoy every minute without the frustration of rushing from line to line. So, if it’s a Creation show, count me in. For more information visit

4. Day of the Dead II: Peachtree City, GA (March 9th-11th)
For those interested in the horror genre, there are few shows in America that rival the upcoming Day of the Dead II near Atlanta, GA. While there are many shows that dip their proverbial toe in the horror waters, Day of the Dead has quickly developed a reputation for jumping in fully. With a show focused on everything from the biggest budget slasher films to the smallest fan-made productions, keep an eye on this rising star of the con world. For more information visit

3. Planet Comicon: Overland Park, KS (March 24th -25th)
If you look closely at the top three cons of March, you’ll see that they are really more of a 1A, 1B and 1C. Your preference on the shows will vary on the atmosphere you most prefer in a show. Planet Comicon in Kansas is a show with a rich history of success and it looks to be taking another impressive step this year. Firstly, Planet Comicon is a show focused on comics and their creators. Although the list is extensive, the biggest spotlight will be on hometown hero, Jason Aaron (creator of “little” hits like Scalped, Wolverine and the X-Men and Incredible Hulk).Outside of San Diego Comic-Con, there are few shows that attract the pure number of comic artists and writers that Planet Comicon does. For those that are a bit more interested in media and pop culture than strictly comics, this show also features a good list of guests from fan favorite films of the past. Some of the notable guests in this vein for 2012 include Billy Dee Williams, Jake Lloyd, Adrienne Wilkinson, Gil Gerard, and G4’s Blair Butler. All in all, Planet Comicon has a rich history and 2012 looks to only add to this legacy. For more information visit

2. Emerald City Comicon: Seattle, WA (March 30th – April 1st)
Coming in at number two in March is one of the fastest growing and hottest shows in the world of cons. Already the largest show in the north, Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) has quickly gained notice across the rest of the United States and is becoming a “must attend” for many con-goers. Beyond their huge focus on comics, ECCC has grown to become a favorite for pop culture enthusiast as well. This year Katee Sackoff, Robert Kirkman, Christopher Lloyd, Matt Fraction, George Takei, Ed Brubaker, and Wil Wheaton headline an event with way too many stars to include here. Even more important than an impressive guest list is the consistent message heard from past attendees that the fan experience is unrivaled. The word on the street is a positive one and with ECCC celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, it’s quite likely that this one will be the best yet! For more information visit

The Con-Fluence Pick of the Month:

1. WonderCon: Anaheim, CA (March 16th -18th):
Coming in at number one this month is the biggest wild card of the bunch. For the first time since its inception, WonderCon is traveling to Anaheim for its yearly pop culture extravaganza. With the Moscone Center under construction, Comic-Con International (CCI) opted to take its show on the road (something their San Francisco-based fans are not too happy about) and test the waters at a show at the Anaheim Convention Center. Ever since the move was announced, there have been wild rumors of all sorts. Some thing the move to Anaheim will bring an even larger presence of Hollywood to San Diego Comic-Cons (SDCC) “little brother” show. Others think that The Mouse will block Marvel (and anyone that knows what’s good for them) from treading on their D23 territory. In traditional CCI fashion, there have been few formal announcements thus far. We know of a handful of comic creators that are headlining such as Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, and Mark Waid, but just like SDCC most card are being hidden until a few weeks before the show (or so we presume). So, this number one slot is picked on potential and guessing. Seeing as how CCI has become the powerhouse that it has and the new location giving even easier access to Los Angeles-based talent, my guess is that this will be the biggest and (turn away NorCal readers) best WonderCon yet. And inevitably, this show will further fuel rumors of a move for SDCC… For more information visit

I hope this list gives you an idea of the best on the con-scene this March. Make sure to check back frequently for more info on the best of everything CON, and make sure to follow me on Twitter for updates on this and more: @The_Con_Fluence.



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