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Anime Boston statement on this year’s incidents

By Petrea Mitchell| April 26, 2012 | Comments Off on Anime Boston statement on this year’s incidents

This year’s Anime Boston made a local paper for EMTs and police being summoned to the convention. Anime Boston has now released a statement providing more detail of what happened at an informally organized dance:

What actually happened is much less dire than rumors have indicated. Two events required response during Saturday night’s dance. First, a medical emergency occurred; EMT’s were called in to remove a dance attendee for treatment. Next, an alleged theft of a bag took place. Boston Police arrived and conducted their investigation on-site, and during their inquiry, marijuana was found. An arrest followed.

The dance was ultimately closed down due to perceived overcrowding issues.

The full statement is here.

The situation has unfortunate echoes of Boskone 24 in 1987— also a fast-growing convention at the time, also attracting a young crowd, and also running into problems associated with the party aspect of the con. It was also, coincidentally, at a Sheraton, although a different one from Anime Boston.

Boskone’s reputation was damaged so badly that it was forced to leave Boston for five years. Here’s hoping Anime Boston’s meeting with hotel and city officials tomorrow has a better outcome.



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