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Trek Trax Indie Go Go campaign.

By Shawn Scott Smith| January 27, 2013 | Comments Off on Trek Trax Indie Go Go campaign.

rekTrax Atlanta launches Indiegogo campaign

Your support is urgently needed
TrekTrax Atlanta, the annual Star Trek convention launched in 2011 and hosted by the USS Republic, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in its continuing efforts to survive.  This online campaign follows two local “Trekkiepalooza!” fundraisers held in the Atlanta area in July and October 2012 for the same purpose.
Chairman Eric L. Watts, Guardian of Forever Sue Lin Lange, Convention Attendee Robert Gregory, Staff Volunteer Zannetta Law Tucker (shown above) and Director of Klingon Programming Marq Collins explain what TrekTrax Atlanta is, why we’re asking for your help and what you will receive for your support.  Click the image to go to our Indiegogo page, where you can watch the video.
Why We Need Your Support
The TrekTrax Atlanta executive committee developed a budget for its first convention based on a 300-person paid attendance.  Actual paid attendance was about half that, well below expectations, resulting in a significant financial shortfall.  The budget for the 2012 convention was slashed to be better aligned with the previous year’s attendance figures, but the convention is still awash in red ink, making it difficult for us to plan for our third convention this coming April.

The Indiegogo campaign is critically important for the future of the convention.  TrekTrax Atlanta has announced numerous guests for its 2013 convention, which will be a Star Trek Fan Film Festival and The National Klingon Konvention, as well as hosting the USS Republic‘s 25th Anniversary Celebration.  All the standard convention features will be present: a dealers room, a con suite, a costume contest and much more; full details can be found on the convention’s web site.  To be clear, the 2013 convention will be held April 19-21, hopefully with a large and supportive attending membership.  However, the success of the Indiegogo campaign will determine whether there will be a fourth convention in 2014.

This announcement is being sent to almost 1,000 email addresses who we fervently hope will support the convention with a donation.  If every single person who receives this announcement donates as little as $10, our financial goal will be met and the survival of the convention will be assured.  Of course, that’s not realistic… traditional fundraising statistics suggest that actual response will be less than 10%.  With that in mind, we encourage you to consider making a donation at whatever level works best for you, with our enormous gratitude.

Five levels of “perks” have been created for this campaign, from being listed as a financial supporter on our web site for only $10 up to a lifetime membership to the convention for $500, with intermediate perks at $20, $50 and $100.  Full details about each of these perks, as well as an informative and hopefully entertaining video, can be found on ourIndiegogo campaign web page.

Of course, what we REALLY want and need is… your attendance!  Preregistered memberships are available now on the convention web site, and if you’ll purchase a membership now and plan to attend the convention, that would be the best possible action you could take.  But if you’re not able to attend this year, a donation of any amount will help make sure that we’re still around next year and beyond so that you can attend a future convention.

Now, more than ever, and with greater sincerity than we can possibly express… THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!



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