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I-CON elaborates on cancellation

By Petrea Mitchell| February 6, 2013 | Comments Off on I-CON elaborates on cancellation

I-Con, which previously announced the cancellation of its 2013 convention, held a staff meeting this past weekend to discuss the present state and future plans for the convention. reported on the site issues:

While some in attendance of the meeting referenced the rumors that I-Con had burned its bridges with Stony Brook University, staffers and organizers were quick to correct that, stating that Stony Brook even attempted to help the convention by allowing the use of other facilities on-campus. The real reason I-Con won’t be at Stony Brook University for the next three years or so is due to the massive construction going on at the Indoor Sports Complex, which is the heart of the convention, as it houses the massive dealer’s room, a major draw for attendees.

A traditional convention-center venue would be much more expensive than a university one, and so I-Con was confronting a choice between a vastly pared-down event and no event at all. (Where things stand with Hofstra University, which was lined up to host the 2013 convention, isn’t clear.)

And on the cryptic references to Hurricane Sandy contributing to the cancellation:

[I-Con President Vince] Collura pointed out that out of seven event organizers, two had to drop out due to storm-related issues. […] “The issue isn’t losing two people,” said Dave Cortijo, acting event chair. “The path forward we had was that certain people were going to tackle certain initiatives.” He then likened I-Con’s issues to being a ripple effect, where the loss of one team member affects others, and so on.

By “event organizers” the report probably means top-level committee members.

Plans for the immediate future include smaller events and a fundraising drive on either Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but details of either have not been released yet.

Read the full story here.



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