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Momocon welcomes Bioware

By Shawn Scott Smith| February 6, 2013 | Comments Off on Momocon welcomes Bioware

Major Companies attending MomoCon 2013!

We are incredibly excited to announce that Riot Games, developers of League of Legends, BioWare, creators of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age game series, and Hi-Rez Studios, makers of Tribes Ascend and Global Agenda will all be at MomoCon 2013!

Check out their amazing panels and events:

The Art of League of Legends featuring 5 members of the League of Legends art team from Riot Games

Stars of Mass Effect featuring Jennifer Hale (Commander Shepard – female),  Mark Meer(Commander Shepard – male), Chris Priestly (BioWare Community Manager), and Keith Hayward (Senior Mass Effect Level Designer)
BioWare Industry Panel featuring Chris Priestly (BioWare Community Manager), and Keith Hayward (Senior Mass Effect Level Designer)

Breaking into the Game Industry featuring BioWare, Riot Games and Hi-Rez Studios

League of Legends Cosplay Meetup sponsored by Riot Games

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