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Kramer at Dragon*Con in 2008, but not a guest

By Petrea Mitchell| February 12, 2013 | Comments Off on Kramer at Dragon*Con in 2008, but not a guest

Following up on the claim that Ed Kramer attended Dragon*Con as a guest in 2008, after he was released from house arrest: The photo of him at the con does appear to be from 2008, after comparison with that year’s badge art, as seen here.

However, well-known conrunner Warren Buff (chair of the 2011 NASFiC, among other things) spoke up on the SMOFs list:

I worked in the main programming office at D*C in 2008. If Ed had been on programming, it would have been noteworthy enough to have been discussed there. We were a small team, and chatty. […] I don’t know enough of the internal details to know if Ed is banned from attending (or if his house arrest was assumed to handle that), but I can say with confidence he wasn’t on the program.

So, what was with his brief appearance in the guest list? Well, this reporter is a computer geek by day, and will speculate: Kramer’s individual guest page was found by the Wayback Machine as late as 2012, when he was under arrest again, so it’s likely he was already in their computer system due to past appearances, making it easy for him to be “activated” as a current guest either by accident or by a low-level programming staffer who would quickly be overruled. Either way, his removal a few days later seems to support the idea that there was never official approval to put him on the program.



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