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5 Prep Tips for WonderCon 2013

By Shawn Marshall| March 18, 2013 | Comments Off on 5 Prep Tips for WonderCon 2013

untitledWith less than two weeks until WonderCon, details of the show are slowly starting to make their way to the mainstream. Last week we were let in on the panel schedule and this week will should bring more on exclusives and “surprise” guest stars. Now is the time to prepare your plan for Anaheim’s biggest convention. Here are the top 5 things I suggest you take care of now:

5. Review Programming Schedule: Although WonderCon may not offer the same magnitude of panels that SDCC does, it does offer one of the better menus of options on the convention circuit. From Hollywood stars to independent comic spotlights, WonderCon offers a ton of entertaining options that will require planning on your part if you want to secure one of their coveted seats. A breakdown of strategies for panels will be coming this week at

4. Make a List of “Needs”: Again, WonderCon will not have as many exclusives as a show like SDCC, but there are still many unique finds. Unfortunately, the CCI website doesn’t keep a running list of exclusives for WonderCon the way that they do for SDCC, but you can still find info by simply Googling “WonderCon exlcusive” and reading through all that pops up.

3. Gather Items for Signing: With the many stars on-hand at this year’s WonderCon, you don’t want to be caught forgetting something at home that you’ve been waiting to get signed. Between the CCI page and Google, you should be able to compile a pretty comprehensive list of the people you are looking for. Although this year’s WonderCon doesn’t seem to have as many stars announced at this time as it did last year, there are still a number of opportunities for amazing interactions with stars like Jim Lee, Scott Snyder, Jim Steranko and more.

2. Have a Yard Sale/Work Overtime/Sell a Kidney: Although the kidney may be a bit drastic, adding capital to your trip to WonderCon can make the eperience even more enjoyable. Although there will be giveaways and a few freebies, this is a big show with a lot of goodies. Little things add up and if there is a way to have an extra $20 it can really add to the fun. You can find cheap ways to get around lots of things (parking, rooms, food, etc.), but don’t allow yourself to show up to WonderCon wishing you sold that stack of comics you don’t care about anymore.

1. Have a Plan: I can’t stress enough this aspect (which is why it is my number 1!!!). There are many shows that allow for maximum fun with minimum planning, but WonderCon isn’t one of them. Similar to SDCC, if you show up to WonderCon without a plan you will find a lot of frustration and miss out on some great fun. Although it doesn’t come close to the chaos of a show like SDCC, there is still a constant flow of activities from morning to night. Decide on your priorities. Take the time to form a plan now, so that you can get the maximum enjoyment at the show.

If there are any questions, feel free to find me on Twitter: @The_Con_Fluence.



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