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Kramer files for reinstated bond, Pat Henry speaks out

By Petrea Mitchell| April 12, 2013 | Comments Off on Kramer files for reinstated bond, Pat Henry speaks out

The Ed Kramer saga continues to grind slowly onward, with the Gwinnett Daily Post reporting that Kramer wants the bond which he so spectacularly violated by going to Connecticut, where he was last arrested, be reinstated.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an article on the calls for a Dragon*Con boycott which includes what may be the first time Pat Henry has spoken to a newspaper about his side of the story:

Dragon-Con co-founder Pat Henry, who also owns a third of the company, bemoaned the boycott effort. “We care a lot about what fans think,” he said, but the criticism, if anything, inspires Henry to work harder. “We are going to build the best show we can,” he said.

Henry said his organization has tried to disentangle itself from Kramer’s ownership, offering to buy him out in 2004, 2006 and 2008. “I used to try to buy him out every week or two,” said Henry, adding that the $500,000 they offered for his shares in 2004 was high. “The company value was nowhere close.”

In response, Kramer filed suit seeking financial information about the corporation. Kramer’s civil attorney, McNeill Stokes, said no offers to buy out Kramer have arrived since 2008, and Kramer was seeking information “so he could determine what his stock was worth.” Henry said his partners were willing to share that information, but not until Kramer signed a confidentiality agreement, which, he said, was not forthcoming.

Stokes said said the two parties have begun to share information, which may lead to a resolution of the suit.

But Henry is doubtful that Kramer will ever sell his shares. “He has a total unwillingness to work in good faith.”



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